Be 30

>Be 30
>No children, not married
>Not doing much anymore
>Spend all of your 20s and late teens whoring around
>Suck Jew cock for roles
>Try to convince the world that you're not single and alone, you're "self-partnered"

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Pop quiz: what device(s) does she use while being "self-partnered" ?

Sounds like masturbation with extra steps

I cloud

incel detected. mommy should have hugged you more I guess.

Vibrating wand, obviously. Maybe one of those new clit suction devices.

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settle down elliot

All the gallons of cum spilled to her and not one reached her ovaries. Must be nice to know a horde of sweaty fappers are the only men who desire you

Emmett's a dude. he doesn't have ovaries.

Who the fuck are you talking about boomer trash?

t. flappy vagina roastie detected

She likes "playing in Bushy Park." Go figure...

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more like long floppy foreskin you dumb kike

>Makes fun of 30 y/o hit the wall roasties
>Must be a kike
Are you retarded?

are you a kike?

elliot. settle down.

>Like boomers know who this is
>literally look at the picture retard

>Only one role in the past 2 years
>No men want her after Harvey Weinstein
Just another thot who will die alone surrounded by cats.

settle down elliot

Notice how she stopped getting roles after she "spoke out" against Harvey? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

All these useless whores willingly fucked an old hairy fat Jew and once their careers start to slow down, now they're "victims".

Shut up you stupid bitch. I hope someone rapes and drowns you.

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>the picture that saved the world

Emma's bush is blessed!

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It's because like other celebrities who you no longer see, they started posting political shit non-stop when no one gave a fuck about their opinion. All she posted back in 2018 is the "TIMES UP" shit. Why wasn't their TIME UP when you were making millions in paychecks and getting movie roles? Why is their time up now that you're no longer as relevant? Fucking hypocrites.


elliot. settle. down.

We get it you stupid beta. You're an eternal defender of women. They will never fuck you. Your deeds have gone unnoticed.

a beta!? heavens!

You're responding to hambone trannies who have nothing better to do than post the same thing over and over. Stop responding to them.

post your pic, i bet its alpha af

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She just needs raped. I guarantee after one hard rape session, she'll be happy. Or at least my penis will be happy. I don't care about anything else.

not amused

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Do you type that sitting on your entire seat, or were you only using the edge?

If Gollum had been a girl...

Is that shop or did someone actually do this?

>Money is representative of your worth to society
>Emma's net worth $60m
>Your net worth $35
>No one would notice if you were gone

On the internet, no one can tell.

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I'm 31. I do a lot of online dating and meet mostly girls in their late 20s or early 30s. Literally every single girl I meet is "independent", "doesn't need a man", "doesn't fuck on the first date", etc.

Guess what? All of them are insanely clingy and desperate for any man to stay with them. They all fuck on the first date. Women that aren't married at 30 with children are crazy but the ones without, fucking wooh boy. You better make sure you wrap up. They're desperate for seed. I'm serious. You have to be careful when you meet these late 20s and early 30s girls. They're fucking nuts, all of them.


Deepfakes have a ways to go if they have the ability to suck all the sexiness out of something like this.

I'll have you know, it's actually slightly over $2,000. I was able to save up this month.

Also, a lot of people would notice. I'm the only one competent in my department who can train new employees and everyone comes to me as the go to person for answers for pretty much everything. So, a good 75-100 people would be pretty pissed if I was gone tomorrow.

jesus, she's 30? holy fucking shit i am old

Must be. Definitely. Certainly not that a man of your 'character' only manages to attract a certain type.
No way.

Eminem is almost 50
Friend's ended in 2004
Toy Story came out 22 years ago

Who's this jealous slag on here? Someone hasn't gotten any dick recently.

oh my god

She's 29. OP is an idiot.

>Toy Story came out 22 years ago
No it did n... holy fuck no. I think I'm having an existential crisis right now.

Tony Hawk is 51 fml

Toy Story actually came out in 1995, so almost 25 years ago.

Must be. I am definitely a woman. Or a tranny. Or a beta cuck. Or all of the above. Has to be. Also fat.
Otherwise, you'd be a joke.
Post your pic, and I promise I'll post mine.

Why are you so triggered over a post about a 30 year old roastie?

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God I wish that was my penis

not really sure saying she's stopped getting roles is true. she's a) rich, so no need to work too much but b) actually in loads of things, and has I suspect a pretty full work schedule, of both acting, and modelling, plus various other bits and pieces

>multi millionaire
>hot bitch
Will marry some rich dude on top of all this when she wants

Thats a lot of shit

agreed. can help with my dick. :)

She stopped doing movies after 2017 and started going full SJW posting non-stop leftist shit that no one cared about. Look at her Twitter and Instagram. Her IMDB has 1 movie in the past 2 years.

Magicwand and a nice size didlo to get a good pounding in. I bet she has a few buttplugs also

Leftist shit?! Oooh! Poopoo! Caca!

that is a nice collage. thankyou user.

yeah. that might be the weirdest porn webm ive seen

So, Emma is a femcel?

thats not actually her is it? never seen that one before

Yeah she went the full on Waman #1 Waman rules the worlds and all her crazy shit. Drugs are bad.

Homer Simpson is ten years younger than me. Or at least he was at one point.

No a freecel

Found the 12 year old

The only leaks she's ever had was her trying on swimsuits.

Her body's pretty fucking great.

apparently it came out at the same time as the bath leaks. much better with audio if you can find it

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This is top tier

>double 89s
Have another collage-like item.

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Time to unzip and stroke my cock

sweet elliot, im laughing at you. though i understand your delicate ego cant accept that.
please continue

coomer detected

There were some bathtub shots that came out about the same time. They included EXIF data identifying a particular cottage in Oxfordshire.

Yep. I cum a good 4-5 times a day.

so she was the main character in 2017s second highest grossing film (beauty and the beast), from which she earnt in excess of 15 million dollars (maybe earnt some time off there), and she's a main character in little women which comes out next month, and is a pretty big film...

I've fantasized about forcing myself on top of her every day for years. Pinning her down. Feeling her soft pale skin against mine. Her soft smooth firm legs. Those arms, beating against my back as she struggles, kicks and screams.

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>Also, a lot of people would notice.
Me expecting a line about family/loved ones
>The corporate machine will miss it's favorite cog.

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you must be 18 to post on this site.

agreed the swimsuits were hot. I believe the bath vid is her too.

ahh ok interesting :D

I love you. fuck I want to fuck her hard.


>her skin

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come fight me bro

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MMMmmmmm. would love to watch and/or help with that

dressed up as hermione or normal emma?

also which suit would you pick?

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Your wheezing two seconds in. Her overpowering you as your lack of physical fitness stops you before can even get your little dick out. The raping you receive in jail by Tiny, who is anything but.

Look at her back in the black two piece. Imagine licking every inch of that back and how good it feels to lay on top of.

Crazy old cat lady in training.

I would go for the middle pink one, I like her girly cute dress up. and I mean honestly her back would feel like any other girl. but agreed she is hot.

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The pale girls with that skin complexion usually have softer and better feeling skin.

mmm that gap. So nice and easy to slide in.

I like pale white girls, though not sure Ive noticed that. but fair

just sitting there waiting for some guy to make use of it