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My sister

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You... don't know what cucking means, do you. You want a WWYD thread.

She looks built for a cock much bigger than yours.

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and 100 other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

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I know sir

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Whats her name

got this cucks girl to send me pics. sent him the convo. now he's a bitch

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Would love my gf printed off and posted in a porn store booth

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Could happen, I'd love to. Where you two from?

My gfs getting more open to mfm threesomes, any idea how to get her into bbc?

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Yeah i will too

Fuck your Kik. You're going to post the bitch here. Show everyone the body you don't get to have anymore.

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Who are you lol?

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Show me her tits. Is it going to feel worse when you see her enjoying my cock or when she's crying after I use her?

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Post more. Take her clothes off

moar, discord?

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Goddamn. More.

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no one. why would you ever thing someone other than your pathetic self would enjoy that cow.

What's it like to be worthless?

You like?

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Not gay, so yes

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Lets see more ass

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Jesus fuckin christ. Delectable.

Don't keep them all to yourself

More of the bitch

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backdoor open for business?

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He fucks his sister btw

The real cuckery here is having a daughter.

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Looks like she'd like that look slapped off her face

My wife

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what a fat ass. more pls

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my gf

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Cuckman01 on kik

Shit son! Got Kik?

OUR gf

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my gf

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