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fucking lost

top and bottom are sexy af

Tranny themed ylyl

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Top is a legit babe


oh no...
colin, my boy, h-how could this happen to my boy colin.
you can tell he's super disappointed but the media will end your career for even beginning to think being a tranny is bad.
RIP to the "gender reveal" dad as well, genuine faces of being betrayed.

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Not that guy but someone posted other pics and ngl that bitch is tempting.

It's 2019, everybody is a faggot.

kys faggot

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everybody except me

Someone needs to come through with the evidence here


fuck year!

Especially you

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Join this user in the closet

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You are the biggest faggot.

Speak for yourself you raging homo. Get a girl and bring her around me, I’ll have her panties wet in 5 minutes, ready to ditch you and never look back. You little beta queers are great, makes your girls break their necks to get a look at a real man when they see one.

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Why do you even have pictures like this on your hard drive? Are you an Indian dude or something? I don’t get it.

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You sound dumb af

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Cool story, faggot.

You ain't convincing anyone, you big ol' gay you

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The guy in the middle. Looks like his soul is gone.


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Fuck this, I'm going to reddit

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lost here, user. thanks. you saved me a post and salvaged a very shitty day with your candor.

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the gen 2 baljeet rollout is looking pretty good

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Fucking lol

Trying so hard to argue against those trips. Must be very stuffy in that closet. I can only imagine the stench of insecurity within it.

Why not stop immigration?

Very wholesome. Tho zooming in people's faces doesn't prove a point. None of those parents really seem ashamed, hell, one of them posted the picture and saying some pretty positive stuff about their child. You guys need help. You need the same amount of love and support these people got from their parents.

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>transphobic joke
>cringe "roast"
These memes aren't normal nor funny.

They very much are here, you must be new here.

what form of non funny autistic attempt at humor is this?

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no no
the universe can't have done this to colin

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Can someone explain how this is funny?

>I'm not unattractive you're just a coward
I had no idea everyone around me was just being a pussy

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virgin detected

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Best meme so far

>only whites on ad for sterilization
what did the Muslims mean by this?

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no no not this again

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I think I could do a skate trick on her forehead

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I got an interview tomorrow and I need my sleep, so:
Sleep tight, Popper

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fuck allah

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Someone was butt hurt they aren't getting matches on tinder now they're mad at every girl with a tinder account I guess.

hey, fat chicks need loving too. That, and cake.

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She's a fat pig on hook up site.

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A skate trick? I doubt you can waddle more than a jog...

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Sleep tight, Popper

Fuck India!

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This thread is fucking shit . Fuck all of you

I've seen funnier cancer on fucking reddit

Sleep tight, Popper

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Bet shes a great lay tho

Nah I just love fat shaming. You Fucking whale

Keep it up landwhales need to lose weight

When did you shame them user?