Is there any possibility of a war between Mexico and America...

Is there any possibility of a war between Mexico and America? What would be your thoughts of the war if it were to happen?

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it won't, and america would roll over them in a matter of weeks

Mexico has a lot of oil so don't count it out.

why risk a homeland invasion if they can keep taking it from the powerless middle east?

USA would stomp Mexico like a foot steps on a worm.
So, Mexico had better step correct, or else...

a non-nuclear war between the US and any single other country would be a very short one. americans SEVERELY underestimate their own military strength and how much fear they inspire worldwide.

Never, the last thing the US would want is an Iraq/Syria/Libya/Afghanistan next door. Also, are you asking because of the dead mormons? Cause if so, all that is going to come out of that is that Mexico is just going to come out with a few arrests and this shit will be forgotten.

Thats correct, but a war so close to American territory is something they would like to avoid, right? Even more with the possibility of intervention from another country, e.g. Russia attacking under the excuse of "defending" the mexicans.

A better strategy is to just simply exploit the obvious dependence that Mexico has from the US, politically and economically, just like a farmer milking the cow

Full disclosure, im mexican

>probably also said a generic US general when invading Vietnam

>war so close to American territory is something they would like to avoid, right?
We'e went south of the border many times to tame the Mexicans.
>Full disclosure, im mexican
Thanks for your honesty, beaner. Now, get your own house in order.

Nos pelan la verga

VERY different situation.
And, we won the Cold war, right ? Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea are all that's left of communism.

That would never happen. But in case a war could be real, Mexico does not invest its money in the army, the only possibility that Mexico wins would be for the other countries to support it, which would not be unusual because Mexico is a neutral country, then a war would cause a serious international debate.
I'm mexican, but i'm realistic

Yeah but that were not modern wars, not even wars, maybe conflicts. A modern war would not be convenient for you. Im not saying that you couldnt, im saying that war may be more harm than good for you. And obviously would be bad for mexico, i mean we've got like 3 fighter jets lol

My own house is in order thank you very much, and im not a beaner, maybe you are talking about those illegals in your territory... Well we're not proud of them, they should go legally, or not go at all.

I have not and do not have the minimal intention to visit the US for any reason


ftfu, whether or not they turn mustlim-tacics and drop the uniforms, blend in with citizens and hide then nothing we can do unless we kill them all and bickity-bam, we're back in a war we can't win again. That probably won't happen though since nobody else will be supplying them with bombs and shit like that where in the Middle East all them countries be sending shit to them to whoop us with.

>im not a beaner
If you are a Mexican/Latino, you're a beaner. Sorry.
Your house is NOT in order. If it were, your beaner relatives would not be entering the US illegally. They would stay and have pride in their homeland.

Fortunately for the world in general your opinion is of no consequence outside your basement.

Vamos a perder a la verga
>inb4 called beaner by edgy 17 yo kids

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Unfortunately for you, I'm an American. And we rule the world.. So...

I have pride in my homeland, It Is not my fault that those guys like easy money and prefer to go ilegally than developing a proper career and earn enough to have a nice life like mine without leaving the country.

Based on your own logic, i conclude then that your are a redneck, confederate flag and bud light, living in a trailer, shooting your guns in underpants, sexually abusing of your own daughter... If you are a gringo, you are a redneck. Sorry.

I'm also an American. And, no, neither of us rule shit. Those with far greater influence than you and I rule the world using American resources, labor, and money. You believe there is a "we," but all those making decisions don't give a shit about you. Unless you're cannon fodder, of course. You don't rule shit. Neither do I. You can't really look at your life and honestly think you rule anything, can you?

I'm a white American and that's a stupid fucking thing to say. I don't know if you're trying to get the world to hate America or what but it would seem you are very unaware of how the world works and I urge you to travel.

I wasn't asking because of the Mormons per se, more because of President Trump's response to the murder of those families.

The lower classes are coming for you.

t. JimmyJoe

I for one would be down to drone some Mexican farmers and Abuelos/Abuelas.

The kids die funny too so a couple of them for laughs now and then to keep up morale.

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Some of those farmers produce your pot, so choose carefully

Wrong on all counts, except for me being a gringo (white). Get better schooling.

>You can't really look at your life and honestly think you rule anything, can you?
Yep. People just like me run the world. They may be richer, but they look and think like me.
Can you say the same ?

You're a white guilt ridden liberal cuck.

ok boomer

Homeschooling worked for you?

You're stupid enough to think that's an insult.
You too.

It won't happen, Mexico doesn't have nuclear weapons

Yeah i guess this answers my question

I'm a white male in my 30s making in the 90th percentile of income in a moderately large city (though with a lot of student debt). Can you say the same? I have a lot more influence than a lot of people, but on the global level I don't rule anything. Do your best, of course. Cause change where you can. Never just give up and demand better. But you're arrogantly acting like you rule over someone else, and you don't. You're just a fool.

>Can you say the same?
Nope. I'm a retired white male in my 50's, with zero debt (other than a mortgage that will be paid off in 6 years) who paid off his student loans within 2 years of finishing college.
You're just a lame millenial.

A huevo pinches gringos putos

Que mamada

Or I faced exceedingly high tuition costs and stagnant earnings because of boomers and your stupid, irresponsible generation. While you skated by on the efforts and decisions of those who came before you. You weren't useful before and you're definitely not now. Time to check our, entitled cunt.

I won't check out for at least 20 more years, millenial. Although your constant whining sometimes make me wish that I'd die earlier...

You realize that every generation blames their shortcomings on the previous one(s), right ? But unlike you, my generation actually did something about it.
Your generation does nothing but whine about how bad they've got it. So cucked.

Mexico has been a fucking pain in the goddamn ass for 30 years because of the stupid ass cartels, they are animals and i would actually support blowing them all to fuck , and actually helping free a country.

trump supporters cry about being called racists but make shit like this all day.we get it,you hate people who arent white and redneck just like you.mexico would probably win because 95 percent of america hates trump and his supporters and wouldnt bother fighting mexicans to begin with

Your generation has done nothing but enjoy the fruits of other people's labor. And you still do. But now you whine about younger generations like every generation before you. In 20 years you'll be dead and I'll be enjoying many more years repairing the damage you caused, plus medical advances extending and improving my life. While you're thankfully dead. So just keep blaming millennials for the state of the world, even though we've hardly had a chance to affect it. Whining and useless. Get a life. You're in your 50s. I'm embarrassed for you. Christ.

>your generation has done nothing but enjoy the fruits of other people's labor

he says,while being old and supporting a president who enjoyed the fruits of his rich father giving him money

>I'll be enjoying many more years
Nope, you'll still be whining and complaining that you'll never measure up to my generation.

whatever trumptard,you only care about mexico because donald trump gave you an excuse to be angry about something.even though educated americans have left your president and his party years ago

or maybe your some idiot millennial who is butthurt because you blame russia on the fact the dnc chose hillary clinton over your lord and savior bernie sanders.and is only going to fuck bernie sanders over again the next election

i hope the next generation isnt as stupid and far left as millennials

"There would be a gun behind every blade of grass." - Some Jap faggot

Ok Boomer

China's technically still "communist" too.

>Ok Boomer
Dumbass millenial/zoomer who thinks that's an insult.

Lern 2 spel, Boomer shud ov went 2 colledge win it was cheep

I stand corrected.

America would win their the supplier of guns and ammo... and remember all the politicians are dual citizens of Mexico and the United states ... just like America politicians are dual citizens of Israel... so their would be no war

Yeah he's wrong on calling you either a gringo or redneck you're clearly an Amerimut or would cousin fucker works for you?

Nope, born 1966. Back when weed was grass, faggot.

You're reading it wrong. This is in response to a boomer whining about millennials.

No one cares. Your life is almost over and there's nothing you can do to make up for the things you never did or contributed. Now keep sucking off society like you were born to do.

American would do just fine.

Gen-X faggot.

You used to ride the short bus huh

I've got at least 25 years left, Boy. And I intend to torture you every single day of it....

Nope, but I invested in short busses ~30 years ago...

Alright Cuck it is then

Mexico is slowly turning into China's bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if they want to instigate war between US and Mex just to drag the US down. Just like the Germans tried in both World Wars

How'd that work out for ze Germans ?

Venezuela's also in that gray area between capitalist and communist, so if you want to include it, go ahead.

Perhaps, but wouldn't Mexican militias form and evolve from the experience, just like ISIS did from the rubble of Afghanistan? Mexicans can be pretty motivated when it comes to the militia stuff.

If America keeps it up, it's only a matter of time before someone else in the world learns and adapts enough to stand a chance.

>Thats correct, but a war so close to American territory is something they would like to avoid, right?

This is what I'm thinking. This guy gets it:
You wouldn't want to turn Mexico into a hotbed of anti-American terrorists (any more than it already is).

They might not have a choice, though. The U.S. government is already practically at war against the cartels.

>VERY different situation.

Why? Elaborate.

Venezuela is still a shithole.

The Cold War.
We gave up on Vietnam, but won the war.

I said it before and I'll say it again if the U.S would really like to end the whole war on drugs they should tell the C.I.A to stop selling guns to the cartels


Your dick got hard typing that, did it? You thought that cringey shit was a power-play insult. It's all you have left. You're old but still a child. Poor thing.

Bone density depletion, uncontrollable bladder, stabbing arthritis, joint replacements, terrible blood pressure, suffocating failing lungs, shivering cold, endless medication every day. No control over your assets or decisions. Dreams fading. Shit loved ones dead. Failing memory. Yep. Enjoy that.

>Venezuela is still a shithole.
Yeah, that tends to happen with corrupt developing nations

You forgot his grandkids marrying a black dude and his son realizing he's been gay all along

Read that on your mobile, did ya ?
Enjoy your generation Never being in charge...

Do they do that? I've heard rumors of the CIA being active in Mexican drug trafficking, but the actual Mexican drug traffickers I've met made it sound like they wouldn't be cool with that at all - they do NOT like the United States - so I'm confused as to how it all works. I'm currently reading The CIA as Organized Crime, and I'm somewhat familiar with the topic in general, but not with their operations in Mexico.

Are you talking about the fast and furious scandal, or they just sell guns to the cartels as a matter of course? And which cartels? The dude I knew was affiliated with Sinaloa, and he said in no uncertain terms that they were not a fan of the U.S. government. And the Zetas have outright bombed U.S. embassies and killed diplomats.

But Mexico vs. U.S. wouldn't be the Cold War. American ground troops could be driven out, theoretically.

>a war between Mexico and America? What would be your thoughts
Since Mexico is part of America, my thoughts are that you're an idiot who doesn't know the difference between the USA and 'Murika.

>American ground troops could be driven out, theoretically
How, exactly ?

The same way it happened in Vietnam, I guess. If anyone could do it, it'd be the Mexicans.

But could America win a traditional war against every other country and terrorist group that doesn't like it, if they all worked together?


He means "frijolero."

The Mexicans have experienced a crude form of freedom and capitalism. As brown as they are, they aren't gooks.

What's your point?

>Homeland invasion
>Implying Mexico could invade anyone

We rule the west and the west rules the world so it's pretty accurate. Travel won't change that it'll just make you think it's not true because you'll feel less significant as a person.

>implying anyone is better at getting across the American border than Mexicans

it'd be vietnam 2. gringos don't stand a fucking chance. pussy ass faggots.


Without the US, Mexico is El Salvador.

I still don't understand what point you're trying to make. I don't know a whole lot about Vietnam, but, as I've said earlier in the thread, Mexicans get pretty motivated when it comes to militia stuff.

I think the main issue with this would be the planes and drone strikes. If Mexicans could find a way around those, they could kick Americans out of their country with a quickness. They're used to brutality that Americans can't imagine.

Fucking spic.
Happy? I didn't call you a beaner.

No chance. If it did, any conventional war between the US military, and what passes as military in Mexico, would be very short.

More likely is we'll see a continuation of the drug war spilling over here, probably getting worse every year.

No, OP, there isn't. At least not if you're referring to the Mormon family that just got killed. It's not worth the economic consequences. Think about NAFTA.
Retard in chief Trump might sabre rattle about it maybe but everyone else knows it would be pants on head stupidly counter productive. Even someone like Mitch McConnell wouldn't back that.


>Mexicans get pretty motivated
Only when crossing our border.
Mexicans aren't Vietnamese, wanting their own destiny. Mexico is a rather large country on the world scale, and they (you) have not lived up to your potential.

I'm not a Mexican? I know some Mexicans, but I'm not one.

I also know a small amount of Mexican history, and boy are you wrong.


Comportate user

kek america ruling the world with a russian president and china owning half their enterprises.


its not something the US wants for themselves, and they dont need it. Mexico already works for US as intended.
If a war were to happen, it wouldn't be as fast as some people here believes. Yes Mexico doesn't invest in the army as much as the US (who has actually made a bussiness out of it), but not having a clear enemy would be a very big problem to beat, i guess Mexico could be occupied for a long time to exploit resources, which is what the US usually do, look for an excuse to invade, go in, make a mess and steal resources. But after that, they dont know what the fuck to do or how to get out of it, on a military angle yes, the US would win, but economically it makes no sense, not even for the resources, and they wouldn't get a quick surrender deal, not from the mexican people.