Want to try anal with my girl how do I convince her

Want to try anal with my girl how do I convince her

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Say "I'd like to try anal sex, some time. Would you be willing to try it?"

"Babe you've seen my penis, it definitely won't hurt"

Don't. Anal is for literal faggots and other manner of degenerate subhumans

She knows you want to, when doing doggie just lick your thumb and rim her with it for a while, the slide it in and stretch it out a little bit before the dick goes in, you'll need decent lube for your dick assuming it's not tiny.



just cum in her pussy then push your creamy dick into her shit hole and take it

The most important part is to not go to quickly about it. Just put a finger in there. Next time move that finger. Do not art with anal. Have her all horny and going and thus relaxed.

If she objects that she is too tight, tell her if her crap can fit through, your dick can too.

just ram it in

Just because daddy used to do this to your butt doesn't make it sound advice

Get her drunk and don't ask if it's okay. Works 70% of the time

stop projecting faggot

sorry for triggering you
I will post a trigger warning next time

Just post some good advice since you seem to be taking a lot of dick up the ass.

who is projecting now?

Not me.
Ignore this faggot, just ram it in full force when she least expects it, she'll love it.

Just the tip

Tell her that you've been fucked in the ass, and it was pure bliss

when you go down on her, caress her asshole gently using your finger tips slowly progressing into a massage into penetration. Attune yourself to the rhythm of her movements. Don't force the issue, let her tell you through her body how much to advance. Make sure you tease it with some flicks of the tongue, working up towards licks, kissing and sucking-again, it depends on how she talks to you through what her body is saying. Enjoy the build up. Always stay in the moment. Keep your focus on what her body wants, not what you want.

You got this.

also if/when her body tenses up, ease up and massage other parts of her body. when she starts to show aggression, ease back some more-tease her a bit. You'll figure it out as you go along just as long as you focus on her.

She says yes and comes back with a huge strap on dildo. Apparently she'd been waiting for me to ask....

Give her a strap-on as a present.


>Wants to stick penis in a pooper shooter
>Thinks it's normal

I've never understood anyone who wants to try anal. Let me give you reasons why it's degenerate

>Poop on and inside your dick
>It smells like ass the entire time
>It doesn't feel good for both parties
>You're gay

A vagina, something that has been developed from evolution (or God for you religious cucks) to be the most perfect thing your cock can be wrapped in, and yet you want to stick it into a feces ejector.
You and your girlfriend deserve to be raped by niggers

Find a girl who likes anal

Sorry for replying to myself but I must note that my dad used to tie me up and shit on my dick, I've been having nightmares ever since.



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Never stop asking to do it. Constantly break her down. Every time you have sex bring it up. Causally bring it up. Pull the whole I just wanna try it once to see if I like it thing. Never. Stop. Asking.

Remember. 50 no's and one yes is still a yes.

Start by eating her ass and rubbing, then slip a finger in while eating her out. Might take a few months bit she'll come around eventually.

I've had anal with the most religious girl.

I've cam in her but but i must note that i had shit on my dick. Nothing a little water can't solve.