I need more like this vídeo. Ley me see what You can do. ;))

I need more like this vĂ­deo. Ley me see what You can do. ;))

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Imagine being some old black dude with no hand.
Youre at the bus stop because along with the majority of your fellow africans, diabetus. When suddenly the whore that buys drugs from you managed to track you down, knowing you have to take the bus to dialisis day and she says she doesnt have money but needs to get high like right now because shes coming down and ita awful as fuck.
So knowing everything is shit, you figure youll just fuck her on the spot because if you go to jail for drugs, in lewd conduct, assault, because you cant fuck high or drunk people anymore, that youll eat three meals free in jail and theyll have to personally transport you to dialisis in a private van because youre an inmate.
Imagine that situation


Now imagine youre some old autistic white guy thats on the really bad end of the spectrum and your waiting at the bus because autism prevented you from working up the nerve to get your drivers license and some whore walks up to you and asks you to borrow 10$ because she needs it for the bus, so you reach into your pocket and dig around all the shit you put in your one pocket because autism prevwnts you from using all your pockets because thata just chaos, fuck that and whilst you do that the hooker tells the black guy she'll fuck for drugs so it starts.
Meanwhile youre still fumbling throuhh your shit because you want to give 10$ to this female who took tge time to talk to you which is rare and you for the forst time think you may fuck a female and will give her money, but then as she falls to thw ground and youre getting ready to give her the 10$ some moleman faggot rides up on his bike and cuts the line the way it allways happens to you. And he asks her if she still needs the money

So in this scenario...
Does the fat pregnant welfare whore get her black tar heroin or just aids

why even pull out at that point?


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Then imagine youre some horney moleman looking faggot that has a sweating problem and your stinky socks stink up the carpet at home, so your mom told you that you need to get out of the house because excercise is good for you and you go buy a bike to ride around on.
And you noticed this T H I C C whore around town and youve seen her sucking this handless black guys dick once behind the stater bros super market, so you semi-stalk her hoping that she needs to exchange sex for something but your not sure if the black guy was her bf or what. Then one day while riding she makes eye contact, so you make a circle back and she flags you down and you start to sweat more again, and she asks you if you can help her with money because she needs money for something at stater bros for her mom or some shit so you say sure. Then you tell her youve seen her once here with a black guy and you ask her if thats her bf and she says no, she just partys with him sometime, so you ride back home and ask your mom for money then race back only to find her getting fucked by the guy again and ride in all sweating asking her if she still needs that money.
Imagine this life

He didnt, she fell. When youre high and put your head down and the blood rushes to your head it intensifies the high, having dick being stuffed in you at the same time also helps so then you fall

Thats tomorrows episode at the 7eleven, check your own digits to confirm

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Are you the original poster?

No, I'm just a man who desires more


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Jesus I love weird street shit like this

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Ive always wanted to know why people would do this, what a mistery

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this is how you get aids

She got super aids


Also nice

Post more

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She pulled away because she didn't want his load in her. That's her "birth control". He couldnt do shit because he only has one hand

Dude, thats crazy shit hahahaha

Thanks man, this is a lot of fun

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Do you have the entire video?? Thats great.

no idea. got it from this site.

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This is a rape?? I found it in other thread.

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How do I watch webm on an iPhone?


Try using VLC media player, though I think you must download the webm first

Jesus christ

lol faggot

Keep 'em. Niggress queens are superior

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No, thanks. I don't like the gorillas. ;)

Fair enough

>Bob and vegene
>Let's make sexy sex

I like your thinking

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Youre welcome. Read all three

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I like how he sees that camera and knows he can't do shit about it so just keeps fucking away

I'm fuckin rolling. These scenarios are 10/10.

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And each of the three scenarios intersect at OPs webm.
Each of the people have their own lives that theyve lived since childhood and their decisions have lead them to this point in time

10 more seconds of videos and you see the moleman guy on the bike get cum on his hand when he embraces his wife/gf/crackwhore

Instantly propose marriage

Nurse bro here
I cant stress how right you are, and liberal cucks want to spend our taxes on them


Taking advantage of the caste system.
The classes above always rape those below with near impunity. In india it's literal I guess

There's a slightly longer version out there. I've seen it on here at some point.

African american dialysis patients of Long Island

I need to add it to my collection.