I am a boomer. how am i expected to respect a generation who didn't build their own lives?

i am a boomer. how am i expected to respect a generation who didn't build their own lives?

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27yo boomer here

sucks man

All right kids, that's enough, just cool it, okay?

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The foundations provided for you to build your life upon no longer exist.
We are seen as a disposable labor force with less job security then ever before.
How can we get a mortgage if our jobs arnt secure and we could be fired just to cut cost.

You're not

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As if your generation built anything except a mountain of debt?

Oh, and don't forget moral decay, you fucking hippies.

Shitty bait. But whatever. How are we supposed to respect the generation that sold us out to neoliberalism and climate hell?

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John: I really, really, really like this image.

this is all true. makes me feel ashamed to be a boomer. why us?

Save it. It’s all yours, my friend.

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>i am a boomer
You didn't build your own life. You were born into a world that was built up for you, and yours was the first generation to begin eating away at the fruit from the beginning of their life like a worm. That's how you were able to buy a house and newer cars over time and raise a needlessly large family all while working as some fucking wageslave. You were coasting on an economy model that was doomed from the start for the culture that was using it and passed the interest on down the line.
Go walk your stupid little fucking boomer dog down the street and back.

Most Zoomers/Millennials are progressive faggots.

This is Sup Forums. Birth certificate, time stamp and cock or you're a liar.

Zoomers: why won’t other generations respect us?! Fucking boomers!
Also zoomers: bro let’s do the tide pod challenge and get pegged!

Is this implying boomers built their lives? Lmao the only reason boomers have any sort of success is due to the hard work of their parents "the greatest generation". In the cycle of civilizations boomers are and will be known as the generation that started the decline.

The funny part is that success breeds inept offspring because they grew up pampered and oblivious to reality. Millennials are simply what happens when the oblivious retards who were given everything have children.

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And? Boomers were huffing paint and letting niggers vote. Your point?

19 yo Boomer here, why can't we just kill all Zoomers, Coomers, Millenifags, niggers, lesbians and libtards? Is there some kind of law against it or something?

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That's every generation.

How am i supposed to respect an old bloated POS that voted a rich fat cat as president? Enjoy your last few years boomer

And wearing bell-bottoms and letting their hair grow past their waste like total faggots, let's not forget.

You guys just suckled off the teet of your parents exceptionalism post WW2. Quit kidding yourself, there’s a reason that your generation was labeled by your parents as the “me” generation.

>19 year old subtly implying that because they don't like the same mainstream things their peers do they were born in the wrong generation
it checks out

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You say as you eat tide pods

Ok millenial

You chortle as you inject heroin into your blood stream while in the whites only drive in theater

9 year old boomer here. Heck those malenials

You sob as you watch your girlfriend bet plowed by tyrone.
“T-t-this makes me so progressive”


Shut up nigger

That you would have inherently caused by giving into stupid screaming porchmonkeys. You literally lost to Neanderthals

That's ironically hilarious considering you boomer shits were the ones who voted for equal rights

Equal rights doesn’t mean you cuck yourself as hard as you can and destroy yourself just so you can win social justice points with a movement of mentally unstable people

Okay bloomberg

>i am a boomer
But I am _the_ Boomer.
Fuck off.

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Its pretty demoralizing. Even if you DO find a half decent job, and house prices that aren't absurd, if you didn't have a PERFECT start in life, you're shit out of luck.

I have the choice of trying to get disability social security for being a depressed schizo, OR work my ass off for 10 years 60 hours a week for a born multi-millionaire conglomerate owner's son... to pay off student loans that keep going up every year. It's really a no brainer, logically and financially speaking. There is NO incentive to work for any thinking person. Unless of course you are born in very good conditions, with good parents, no loans, and a decent degree of wealth. Otherwise, fuck working. You'd be fucking stupid to do it in the current financial and political climate.

t. based boomer

Ok Boomerang

This generational feud is yet another tool that serves to further divide us, and to distract us from our true enemies.
Neither boomers nor zoomers are enemies. It's an easy scapegoat, sure, but as the hatred between us grows, our true enemies muster their strength and accumulate wealth.

We're all brothers and sisters suffering through oppression and tyranny. Fight not each other, instead seek to fight those who would have you fight each other. Those who encourage division, hatred, and anger over unity, peace and love are your true enemies.


i can build a lot of shit, wtf can u build boomer?

The true enemy is OP, who's a massive faggot

"These people were given EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING was HANDED to them. And they took it all! Took it all. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll and they stayed loaded for thirty years and had a free ride."

— George Carlin on the Baby Boomers

Who wants to see my 110 year old cock

Probably because conservatives keep crashing the economy, the only thing they're supposedly good at.