To any clerks/food industry workers; tell your dumb customer stories

To any clerks/food industry workers; tell your dumb customer stories
I'll start:
>be me working at dunkin in the summer
>slow day surprisingly
>no customers for almost an hour
>some old lady walks in
>a fucking tourist
>stares at menu for 5 minutes
>ask about meals
>tells them we don't do meals
>stares at menu again
>ask my shift leader how much is a coffee
>she says "it depends on the size/type"
>lady says a regular one
>shift leader tries to explain theres different types and sizes
>I cut in
>"a small hot coffee is about $2.00"
>lady acts surprised
>the fucking boomer starts CRYING
>tells some sob story I didn't listen to
>shift leader trys to be nice and offer a small coffee for free with a sandwich
>suddenly the lady stops crying
>lady keeps insisting it must be a extra large
>starts asking if she can get a free refill
>shift leader loses patience
>says take a small coffee or leave
>she says she can make one at home for free
>shift leader says "ok you do that"
>boomer lady leaves
>I'm standing there confused
>"all I said was is a small is about $2.00"

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Try to get minimum wage job there no yet they have multiple people that can't even speak English.

I had to work with some esl who couldn't even use the oven or take orders. The worst when it was just me and them. If I complain, I'm the bad guy. FFS

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So I just worked at this place for a summer job and it was pretty great while it lasted.

I worked at a candy shop at a mall and it was pretty amazing.
Shit was run by some south korean lady and her son.
I'm talking about chocolate covered twinkies, pockie, shelfs of hard candy's, rock candy, candy necklaces, marshmellows dipped in chocolate, strawberrys dipped, you name it.

So as I start working there they're like.
"Yah don't take too much but if you want you can just take shit"
Of course I was like "I'm sorry, say again?"

They even had a nerds colored sugar dispenser to make fun sticks (The tubes of sugar) and mix them with different colors.

So these disabled people come in. I mean like melted face, laid back on a chair, that baby girl with the veiny head type shit.

and one of them's like, "Hey can we get something out of the chocolate case" so I say of course and as I'm putting it in the little paper baggy she asks if one of us can feed her.

nigga I'm sorry what.

One of them keep asking, girl I'm working with that's supposed to be my manager kind of just looks back and forth from me to them.

"No I'm sorry we can't do that, we could get sued if something went wrong"



one of the most awkward things I've ever experienced .

Sorry didn't feel like greentexting

>be me, working at small local pizza joint
>15 minutes before closing so only me there as assistant manager with one other employee
>neighbor from next door comes in drunk with an empty box bitching about a burnt pizza
>no pizza, no proof, no refund, sry bro
>slaps credit card and receipt up on counter and demands refund
>cant do that because I dont get paid enough and nobody higher up is in
>sits in arcade says he'll wait then
>okay you can hang out in the need4speed racing game or whatever bullshit arcade racing machine you're sitting at
>30 minutes later he's passed out slumped over with two empty Coors cans
>where the fuck
>wake him up and tell him hes got to go grab his shit from the counter and leave
>forgets how he got here
>leaves $20 tip and staggers out without credit card
>bought some stupid cheap shit with it like a dumbass rip stick or something
>brought the card over to his place the next day
>confused as fuck how I found him

I guess I was such a shut in that he never knew he moved in next to me

I have a soft spot for the special ed types, but even I couldn't bow to their every whim
Drunks at night are the dumbest. I wish I could've told one to 'fuck off and drink another Budweiser' at least once.

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goddamn i love those flicks

These films helped me get through wagecucking desu. So I feel for my fellow clerks and mcbrothers.

I once quit on the spot in a Nathan's when a lady complained that her hot dog was under cooked after eating half of it. I Said fuck it, and let the hoodrats handle it. The manager was a dick and my co workers were niggers, so I didn't care.

I'm jealous of you who quit on the spot. So many times I wanted to just walk out and say 'fuck it I quit. and fuck you fags.'

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I'm the customer and you don't own the place you wagecuck at.

Then complain to the franchisees/corporate. Surprised to learn workers aren't in control you fucking Karen?

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>thread theme

To get you fired? Sure will.

I'm already gone. But complaining to workers about management policies is like complaining to Hollywood about mpaa/China policies. Not like your bitching will change anything. Go after the big guys if ya got real balls.

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I mean if you're going to act like you own the place and policy is above the law as well as treat customers like shit and sick the police on us, you could be cool be based and provide excellent customer service like giving that lady her senior large coffee with refills out of your own pocket. Just to make America great again.

Or if I get a cold undercooked gross order like the hotdogs in this case and I'm thinking whether I should return it or not you should not have the attitude to say " eat it fuck you " when it's 7 dollars and it adds up quickly to be a $30 $100 dollar bill over small little bullshit. You can gain loyal repeat customers if you serve like a racist. Namely asians and Hispanics

Grammar?, you can barely write in English.

I'm not complaining about the prices. The prices are set to hold up to a standard. If you're gonna say fuck you I own the place and have a nigger attitude either I'm gonna have a problem with you or I'll let the management know why they're feeling losses.

I don't have to be explained goddamn company policy to yelled at by some dipship after ordering straight from the combo number or god forbid I get a "special order" (you fucking retarded faggot)from whataburger or burger king.

No please tell me how cum spit and dirt on food is ok. Because that shit is dirty to innocent customers and I want to call the cops on a few places

someones projecting

Most will try to be based and try to give free shit to satisfy customers. Problem comes when they try to act like we aren't and being rude. Most are just trying to keep their jobs and.If you get something.undercooked, then tell them right away. Eating half or more tell us you were enjoying it. Do you wait until a movie is over to tell everyone you found it boring?
Most places will give you a special order to the request. What are you complaining about? That we're only given so much freedom to let you have what you want until you ask for free food?
Boogers and cum? I haven't seen anyone do that. What town do you live in user? i wouldn't want to live there m8.

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yah it was a bit much, still miss that place though

Did you serve drunks or benders?

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I used to work at a gas station before getting my call center sales job. I don't miss the pay but I miss being able to be able to fucking ruin people's day.
I broke up a fight between two hoodrats and a trucker. Grizzled old dude yelling at these fucking chickenheads over a bottle of water, told them to break it up. Trucker comes up to me sheepishly and apologizes, expecting asspats. I told him he was too old to be arguing with hoodrats and if I saw him do that again he'd be out on his ass. He looked devastated.
Denying alcohol/cigarette sales to boomer Karens was my fucking lifeblood. I always IDed old ladies because it made their fucking day but if they didn't have their ID I legally couldn't sell smokes/booze to them. It was a great way to pass the time, either I made some hag's week or I ruined it. Instructed every mad person to come back in the morning when my boss was around. My boss both hated and loved me because I followed policy to a T but sometimes generated angry mobs of Karens on her shift.

>working cologne counter at Macy's
>coworker is 5-foot 50-something Indian woman named Sue
>black lady approaches counter, asks Sue for bottle of Polo cologne
>Sue gets cologne
>lady asks what gifts come with it (some colognes have promos for free tote bags, towels, shit like that)
>"nothing right now" says Sue sweetly
>lady asks for three bags from other cologne brands
>Sue says no
>lady: "what if I tell your manager you called me a nigger?"
>Sue, without showing any emotion, pulls department store business card from behind counter, writes her name and our manager's name on the back
>Sue hands her card
>"my manager will be in tomorrow at 10. please call her then"
>lady storms away
>Sue becomes my new hero

Sue is a beast, take her example. If you call people on their petty bullshit they will never follow through or if they do your manager won't care 9/10.

"Well done, but pink in the middle."

Sue the MVP

Stores need more Sue's. So Karens and boomers would leave the average working peeps alone.

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The gas station I worked at had this shitty playlist of music that was piped in from corporate. One day it was stuck on a loop of three songs. I became hero of the store when I disconnected it. My boss would come in the next day and fix it and as soon as my shift started I would yank the ethernet port out and break it again.

i used to work at sonic
one time there were 2 overweight dykes who ordered 4 triple meat bacon cheeseburgers. i made the sandwiches and my manager hands it out to them. they complain and say "there is no bacon on these burgers!". my manager gets angry at me and says "i need you to remake these 4 bacon cheeseburgers". so i do, and he hands them there burgers, they complain again, the same shit. my manager says "remake this order again, and remember to add bacon this time!". this time i put 12 slices of bacon per burger, instead of the usual 2 slices, and gave them bacon on the side (so my manager knows i'm not fucking up, and they are just lying for free food).
i did this without even getting mad, i knew what the amount of unhealthy bullshit food would do to them is far worse than making a few swift motions to make some burgers.
they thought they were trolling me, we'll see who's laughing they die from a heart attack the next day.

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