Sup Forums will deny this

Sup Forums will deny this

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You can’t eat spiders idiot

have you ever tasted a spider?

good thread

eat your bugs goy

Both are gross. Your theory is destroyed.

Well, you can. But nobody would.

Crustaceans are crustasty
Arachnids are arachnasty.

Plenty of people in SE Asia eat spiders and scorpions. Very popular in Cambodia.

And shrimp are basically ocean cockroaches.

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Can't argue with that logic

Fuckin perfect

that's the point -_-

I deny this because both are gross. Eating sea spiders or land spiders eojlx be disgusting.

you dont eat a crabs chitin

Spiders is basically crab, just small and their shell is thinner.

Spiders sizes are also due to the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. So back when the earth was vegetation and trees a tarantula was the size of a cat or small dog. So a black widow would be size of a grown adults hand.

People will also swallow 8 spiders in their sleep in their life time.

God made it simple: animals humans can eat have either two or four legs or fins. Anything besides that is a big nono around here.

>Plenty of people in SE Asia eat spiders and scorpions.

You are what you eat.

It's 8 spiders a year bro. Not to mention we eat almost a pound of bugs a year because of bugs getting into processed foods

Does that make you a cow?

No it makes me a pussy.

well most successful piece of disinformation