No secrets thread? For shame anons

No secrets thread? For shame anons

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Not a furry, but low key have a major thing for bunny girls

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I never thought it was possible, but I'm falling in love with a grill I've never even met. I don't think I've felt this way with any girl I've been with before. Sure, there was always an attraction with past relationships, but they all felt more or less the same. I feel like this one's different, and I hate it

You've never met her?

I am Spartacus

I met a guy on 4 Chan and now he's my bf.

i was the one that farted that night

I am Spartacus

That guy grew up to be Abe Lincoln. Cool story if true tho user :')

Really ruined the orgy for everyone tbh

2 days ago I cheated on my girlfriend/baby mama because she's bad at sex (almost zero prior experience, and struggles with consistency). I didn't want to deal with the potential drama of an affair partner so I just hired a prostitute. I have zero regrets.

No, I am

Yup, we just play vidya together for hours. We have so much in common, and she's so easy to talk to.

She lives about 2000 miles away, so there isn't a lot I can do about it. Half of me doesn't want to do anything about it, because it will obviously end in disappointment. She's also older than me, but I'm not sure by how much. She sounds close to my age, but she won't say

>be me, 35, midlife crisis approaching
>decide to do something new in my life, settle on something not too radical: learning to play the guitar.
>subscribe to the local total beginner class

>first lesson. 7 students. 6 (including me are 35-45yo men)
>7th student is an awkward 14yo girl
>long story short, she had latent daddy issues and developped a real daddy kink over the year. She fucked with 4 of us adult students

I cummed on a dead bird when I was a teen.

I'm a 23 year old man.
I live on my own.
Twice a week I go down to the gloryhole and suck dick for 2-3 hours with a chastity cage on and a buttplug in. I've been doing this now for 2 years.
I started hearing compliments last year about how good my dick sucking feels which drove me to keep doing it.
I love it and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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Dad fucked me growing up, never told anyone.

Mentioned this before, but my wife cheated on me with a guy who used to post on Sup Forums. After a little research I found out that he promised to post pictures of her if he got her in bed. I was extremely angry after I found out but now I secretly want to see those pics.
Every day I scour the forums hoping/dreading I find those pictures posted. I am conflicted to say the least. I know finding them will arouse me, but once I jerk off I'll just he angry again. I want to find the guy and smack him around until he gives them up.

You're Pepo the Meth Clown. Pic related.

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What city/area?

Same. Girlfriend is horrible and frankly getting fat. I’ve gone out to strip clubs and had my fun. I don’t regret it at all.

I am Spurtako

Became too obvious


Did you like it?

Not always at first, loved it as I got a little older.

That it is just a mass gathering of dirt on people for future blackmail.

Male or female?

I'm a girl.

lmao, it's just mostly people making stuff up

When and how did it start?

I'm depressed in love with a ex still ex is married now but she's ok if we lay down but her mentally had changed since two years ago and I have anxiety and depression I hate to take medication for that shit yesterday was my birthday and no one say shit to me that shit was awful to feel it

Yeah for sure. But it’s casting a wide net. Any one shitposting here, if they by chance become a political figure or some high profile shit something posted here could be linked to them to fuck them over

10, after a shower one day. Came into my room to help dress me, then fingered and ate me.


Bet you really like getting fingered and ate out after a shower now, last time it happened?

Where was mummy?

Mostly in the shower, since he started getting in with me and rubbing me there. Kept me quiet too lol.
Before I moved for university.

Divorced, so I saw her on weekends.

They give me a shot of a retardation agent that way I won't fuck the CMH workers, I always try to solicit sex on amp. Most will, some won't. 7 fucked want to do all ten.
I have an incest baby aswell with my aunt . She was doing acid and I'd been drinking and she came onto me really hard, cried afterward. Want it euthanized

My 11yo niece is very cute, I'd love to fuck her brains out. Never actually would though.

What if she came onto you, tried for a BJ?

Ok, I lied, I would.

Not worth it.

Probably not, but in the perfect situation it could happen maybe.

Do you have these thoughts about others or only her? Do you worry it'd hurt her later in life when she remembers or realizes what happened?

I want to be fucked by mewtwo if Pokemon were real. Like just imagine being pushed down and fucked full of eggs. An incubator and nothing more.

continued from yesterday.

This halloween, my daughter had 3 friends to sleep over after their candy collection trip.
Saw her best friend's ass as she changed out of her costume.
Instant boner for a 12yo's ass (yes, she's 12, and I said 11 yesterday. I wasn't sure so I asked my wife casually about it)
Get super confused about it since I'm not into little girls
Tell that story to Sup Forums. You user tell me she is probably stepping into jailbait territory now.
I deny it, she's just a little girl... but then I realize that you might be right, I was just not admitting that those girls do grow up.
user starts asking me "what about your daughter", but I have zero interest in incest, it just sounds impossible to fuck a blood-related family member to me.
Anons ask that I post daughter's pic. I say no. He asks for a version without the head, and his post ends in 777.
I feel morally obligated to comply to such a nice roll so I edit the head oit of one of my daughter's pictures.
Consider the headless pic for a while.

Dick: nice tween body
Me: oh nononono you shut up

tell Sup Forums I'm confused. Anons start making scenarios where I'd fuck my daughter without knowing her (such as in the dark or with her wearing a mask)
Have a mini mental breakdown thinking too hard about it.
Thread drops off the board.

A few hours later, get home.
"hi dad"
Daughter greets me. I look at her. The way she looks, her way to talk, her voice, her clothes, even her smell, everything about her tells me "she's your daughter". Dick remains as soft as a baby lamb's wool

So yeah anons, you had me have question myself about pictures of her body, but reality is more than just pictures so I feel safe again now

>Get super confused about it since I'm not into little girls
This is what most guys spend years telling themselves. A good body is a good body, and you know who has it.

>Dick: nice tween body
normal guys do not talk like this you realise

Until you accidentally see her naked. Or she makes some kind of lewd remark or does something overtly sexual, or you stumble upon a picture and realize it arouses you. Just admit it, you want to fuck your daughter.

Ye but what about her friend tho

Glad to hear. Was there yesterday. Admitted i would take the chance to look at your daughters ass, too.

who wouldn't?

This. Will be increasingly hard in a couple years, sounds like.

You posted a body photo of your daughter?

He should just do what my dad did to me. Tell her she needs to show him her pussy cause he's trying to be a pee pee Dr

no, i don't think so. re-read the post carefully

>>I'm living with 19 old roomate. She's crazy chick, party a lot, but dont have a good contact with each other.
That night was really cold, it was about 4 in the morning when i heard a noise outside, fck shes drunk again
and again she will split or damage smth.
It takes about 5 minutes to her to get a key and open a door, a few more to get into her room.
I drank a few beers soo i had to pee, go out from my room and saw her door open, she was lying on her bed, fully
dressed in her jacket, shoes and everything. Try to wake her up, soo she can go to sleep as normal human being.
She dont respond, soo i slaaped her ass, in the begining just for fun. I slaaped her really strong.
She dont even blink. I was drunk, and some devil thoughts came into my mind. Start to touch her ass, looking for
any reaction. but she only snoring.
Soo i put down her trousers, she had a red panties, and i can see pussy. OMG i feel heat and my dick in a second
become soo hard. Fck it, it can me my lucky night and she is completelly passed out. I rub her pussy and stick a
finger into it. Nothing. soo i pulled her into the edge of the bed and take down her thongs, spit into my cock and
slowly push into her pussy.
In that moment i thought that my heart would jump out of my chest, i was thrilled but also i felt such need to proceed.
But she did not react. At first i moved slowly, with steady shallow moves, but in time i started to be insistent. I grabed her hips
and pushed faster and deeper,
I had to stop because I felt that I would cum in too quickly.
So taked some time to study her body, her ass was quite big, but looks just perfect at the end of my dick.
her tits even through her clothes were perfect to the touch. After a while i tried to open her mouth to stick my dick into.
It was too impossible to get any pleasure from it, she jaw was tightened too much.

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Femanon here, it's extremely easy to get into your friends' dads' pants (even at that age) if you know what you want.

It really annoyed me, in my mind I saw her, talking through on her phone by hours, by then her mouths worked well.
So I kneeled behind her butt and start to fuck her pussy again , in the same moment devil sit on my shoulder and whisper to me
"her ass my friend try to fuck her in the ass, she will get her lesson". Look around for some lube.
I cannot found anything usefull, so i took some butter from a kitchen and use it. My God, my dick sliped inside without any problems.
When i think about it now, it was insane thought. Chance that I'm gonna wake her up, wow know that felling when you fuck girl
in the ass? The one when head of your dick just slipped inside her? Yah thats IT. It was soo fck tightly that i haved to stop for a few seconds.
Then i started to bang her, after about 2-3 minutes i pushed a little to hard, and she started to move. I was soo close to cum that I cannot controled
myself anymore, soo i just holded her. Her moves were chaotic, she strugles, and from her mouth I heard something like squeal.
from the side probably it would looks like she had a nightmare, but it was soo fck hot. I can't bear much more, when i started cum i was still in her ass,
some little part of my brain, that was still conscious, (not in beast mode), reminded me that it's better not to leave such trails.
Soo my juice after all was in her, all over her butt, back and even some on her jacket.
I was exhausted and my dick pulsate and pain.
I was shocked that after that she still had eyes closed and probably dont know what just happend.
I cleaned her up, puted her panties on place, I laid her on the floor, and go to my room.
After few hours i checked if shes still on the floor, she was, but after some time i heard some noise in next room, my heart beat like crazy.
I'm not sure but i think i heard that she cried silently, after that it was just silence.
In the eveneing when we saw each other in the kitchen she didnt say anything. She said nothing until today

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Tit pics please

Yeah, he did. Blured out the face.


living with her made me oblivious to the change I guess. I didn't notice how much they had grown and it was a wake-up call

dude, this is Sup Forums and I admit being into jailbait. I'm already not normal by society's standards

I've never lusted after my good-looking sister or cousins, it just feel like incest is not for me

Not really into posting my nudes online, sorry.

What's the post # then?

It's the admitting it that's not normal though, but everyone's into it.

Then your not a woman just another larping neck beard. Tits or get the fuck out.

>I feel morally obligated to comply to such a nice roll so I edit the head oit of one of my daughter's pictures.

Sorry read
> I feel morally obligated to comply to such a nice roll so I edit the head oit of one of my daughter's pictures.
as you posted it. my bad

Nice grammar.

so is lying?

Happy late birthday

Oh boo fucking hoo. A mistake on the internet, holy fuck call the fag police. Doesn't matter if the neck beard is just being a larping fagot but seems like half this thread is.

>holy fuck call the fag police
Already done, they're coming to get you for being a dumbfuck.

It's not admitting it that is difficult. It's aknoledging girls you know entered that territory

He posted a picture of her with the face blurred out.
She had a sexy tight body. I'd bet she's already been dicked down by now, looking like that.

Then they better bring the night sticks and beat my ass properly this time.

You'll never get them, give up

>He posted a picture of her with the face blurred out.

How so?

I have them. 70$ and I'll mail you the flash drive

No he didn't:

proof is "anons who were in the thread yesterday saw it". Deal with it.
Anyway it was a blurred face picture. Nice body but heh, yeah you can find better stuff on any popular jailbait site of your choosing, so it was not worth saving.

See , that was the thread yesterday and there was no pic. Nice "muh seekrit club" lie though.

I got $3

nice. now try again with the right thread.

GTFO of here slut

oh damn just found it
fuck, man

Bullshit. Nice try troll, but I'll challenge you all the same. Post any picture, any one at all, that I can identify her with.

"I've mentioned this before". Every damned time this thread is posted. Get a life with your bullshit copypasta

well it's hard to explain, it's like...
your daughter is a little girl
your daughter now has a sexy body
And you're like "wait, how did that happen? when?"
But you didn't notice because the change was very gradual.



the right thread?

no! I'm Sportacus!
*proceed to make 200 push-ups*

Sorry, I try to take a break from posting it, but the guy she cheated with does come to Sup Forums. I'm hoping someday I'll bait him out of his silence.

i made a threesome with my male best friend and my gf
we all liked a lot

Short, blonde kinda chubby

yes, and the pic