What's your favorite movie of all time?

What's your favorite movie of all time?

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Dude, what a hard question to answer. I feel like I should start a knock-down, drag-out fight with you over the fact that Empire Strikes Back is better.

However, in the name of harmony, I'll propose that Redline is amazing instead.

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This movie was so fucking stupid, even after all this time it still makes me laugh
Especially when they fight in the air

The fountain

it's fucking hilarious and such a gem but I agree the characters are all essentially retarded
I'm not sure i have a favorite movie though, pans labyrinth always sticks out to me because it's probably the first movie that ever really stuck with me
i also really enjoyed Bronson and think it's a masterpiece
also gummo

The Third Man
I saw it on TMC years ago, I tuned in about halfway through but still loved the movie. Went one amazon to buy it. Only found the criteron collection dvd. Accidentally clicked "buy it now."
With express shipping it cost me almost $50. I was a broke college student at the time, but it was still worth every penny. Still my favorite film.

Hot to Trot

I liked when they sung that mickey mouse song at the end

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I've been meaning to go back and watch Pan's Labrynth. I have a distinct feeling like I forgot a critical part of that movie, and it stopped making sense in my mind because of it.

Spirited Away

All the literal parts besmirch the Franco government and glorify commie terrorists and all the fantasy parts are ham-fisted metaphors for the patriarchy and other SJW shit. That's what you missed.

I saw that one in the theater. Completely worth it. The English dub that I watched later was a crime against it though.

please do
I've seen it probably 10 times and each time it makes more sense and I feel I understand more about it
it's just such a good blend of fantasy/history/horror/drama imo
I first saw it when it came out with my dad when I was 13 and I loved it but rewatching it was essential

please elaborate
I dont think its that deep lol it's just a good movie

I know you're likely being inflamatory on purpose, but I was talking more about the transition into the final act, where everyone starts dying. I recall it being somewhat abrupt, but it may have been that my attention lapsed in the theater.

>According to a tweet by Guillermo del Toro, the Pale Man represents "institutional evil feeding on the helpless", and it is no coincidence that the creature is both pale in skin color and identified as male.
And that's just the start of it.

Pulp Fiction, cliche but it wouldn't be remembered so fondly after 20 years if it wasn't a masterpiece

:( I can't deny a quote from the man himself but damn
I definitely won't look into it as I'd like to still enjoy the movie
but one thing I thought about was the presence of pan (I'm sure you know his place in mythology) and the symbols on his body
do the swirls on his head ring a bell for anyone else?

Seconded, i cant say a favourite, but Redline is one of the few movies i bothered getting a physical disc for.

Pleasantly surprised
Seen it 5 times in the theaters and bought it when it came out

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Hell yeah dude, no need to feel bad about it. What's your favorite section/story/vignette?

Butch act was the best hands down, last act was shit

I dodged that movie, since I heard it was fairly bland and didn't stand out from any of the other Marvel movies.

What about it resonated with you?

Nausicaa is the best Ghibli

I watch it with my little sister every night.

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I can respect that. I like the akward chemestry of Vega trying to show his boss' wife a good time, without crossing the line and getting himself into trouble, since it plays off the scenes with him and Jules nicely.

But that's all cheating. I asked which individual act is best, and I think you're right, if you have to pick one on it's own.

Empire was better
Once Upon a Time in America was a pretty cool movie
for horror I'd say Event Horizon
sci-fi probably Blade Runner, which is odd bc I usually don't like movie adaptations of books that don't stay true to the book and Blade Runner has almost nothing in common with DADoES

I like In the Mouth of Madness. Fun little show that uses repeating visuals to build up a creepy atmosphere.

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Same. I can't often stand to watch something more than once, but I've seen Redline more than a couple times now.

The Wizard of Oz is probably as close to a flawless movie as humanly possible

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However, i still prefer Sound of Music despite this

Howard zee Duck

I'm always so disappointed to head that Event Horizon is so divisive, for some reason. I really like that movie as well, and it bugs me a little that some people think that it's this "dude-bro" horror film, when it's really just a cool little sci-fi horror concept.

i dont watch jewish propaganda

I think it is part of the Warhammer mythos
the Empire of Man's first interaction with the Warp

>implying Germany made no films during the 1930s

Check out Disney's the Black Hole. Event Horizon copies some stuff from it.

Not even sure this needs an explanation, that's how iconic it is

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I think there might be something to that, perhaps a bit of homage at least. It's a fun theory.

I really liked that as a kid
probably primed me to like Even Horizon so much

I liked Event Horizon too. Genuinely creepy visuals. But I'll see any horror movie with Sam Neil in it.

Return of the jedi is easily the worst of the original trilogy and I think even ep. 1 was better. Fuck Luke. Fuck his "I am a jedi out of nowhere". He should have fuckin stuck to his blaster. But nooooo. After he left Yoda he would never finish his training so he will never be a jedi. But he come to Jabba and tells him he is a jedi. In ep. 4 and 5 he was just a rebel hero. Man this makes me angry all the time.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Big Lebowski