ITT: Discontinued things you miss

ITT: Discontinued things you miss.

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my heterosexuality after browsing Sup Forums

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sigh, i can still taste them....

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These were discontinued?

Been 9 years. Discontinued in 2010.

These were da bess.

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motherfucker i forgot about these until this post and now i want them really badly fuck you for making me remember

My dick.

why the fuck?!?! they were perfect...

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Is this around? I loved this shit before energy drinks and frapungaynos were around.

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I think they rereleased it a few years ago

These were the best

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my dad

>Doctor Tam, I'm Firefly

they brought this back, you can still buy it

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It's just mellow yellow, bro.

low demand. people weren't buying them

Wait when?

santa fe gordita from taco bell

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fucking niggers brought it back and then removed it!!!!!!!

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I can still buy it in Canada

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Doritos Blaze exists as a better replacement.


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ah man. local C store down the road from my friends place and a buy one get one deal on Vault because no one here bought it. get some vault and some snacks, playing some ps2, those were the days. thanks for the nostalgia.

It made a comeback about 3 years ago. Burger King has it on tap in most places. As for the cans, I think they're gone again.

since 2014
heres an amazon link but you can buy it way cheaper in a store

forgot to post what i loved that is discontinued

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These were the best snack ever.

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holy shit, there are resellers on amazon. pretty leet my fellow faggots!

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They don’t sell these in the US anymore from what I heard

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I came here just to post this, but raspberry because im not a numale.

4lokos with caffeine

go to the outlet stores near trailer parks, they have em.

welp im going to bk tomarry

Worst president since Jimmy Carter. Both Bush turds were better than this guy blowing trillions on repaving exhausting roads and creating "shovel ready" jobs. Not even considering creating ISIS and empowering hostile nations by giving them tons of crashed secret stealth weapons.


this. Also Sparks with caffiene

Damn I hope so, I haven't had them in almost a decade

"Gorditas! Gorditas!
Flatbread cradles thee!
Taste Supreme today!
Then Santa Fe!
Lets go eat some now!"

"iYo quiero Taco Bell!

good god can we have one thread without faggots whining about political shit.

quick user, use the word cuck unironically. everyone will think you're a genius.

>crashed secret stealth weapons

i worked there when it was introduced. i put that santa fe sauce on everything

you should have posted this on
you've exposed your liberal bias

Nobody believes me when I tell them but Reeses used to sell these little peanut butter balls called Reeses Pieces. They re-branded them into M&M look-a-likes but I swear they're used to be little Reeses Pieces balls and they were the shit. Everyone thinks I'm making them up.

The fuck are you babbling about? You seen the deficit’s progress over the last 3 years? How about the internationally condemned Syria/Turkey/ISIS episode? Fat prick currently in the WH gets clowned by the foreign press everywhere he travels.

not a liberal. politics are really really boring. and thus, so are you.

the sauce on these was magnificent

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That shit was great with popcorn at the theatre.

I loved this beer. Gutted they stopped making it.

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suck my fucking dick, complaining about something you think is boring rather than moving on with your life then insulting me because I redirected you to the source of your complaint rather than a response to the source proves you have no fucking life go die in a hole cunt face

this gem of a show

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they have these at the gas station I work at. People still buy em all the time in La

this post bored me

Dear me. Bedtime for you I think.

I used to travel a lot and always bought a bag at gas stations. I have no idea why they got rid of those.

I see 16oz cans of surge in almost every convenience store up and down New England

it's because he died

im a huge fan of the voodoo ranger imperial ipa

id buy them on ebay

yeah, without murphy things just aren't as fucky... I didnt care for that coach guy at all.

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you are a pussy

Just lost no nut November

it's probably been 10 years since I've watched sealab but I know its not the same without him
dont remember coach tbh but I'm compelled to watch it all again and actually understand the humor

>This product, and the entire Bites lineup were all discontinued due to a choking hazard.

Yes yes come along now.

How do you choke on chocolate...? It literally melts in your mouth.

I know they sell these as flavor shots or whatever, but it's just not the same.

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My ex

I know it was just recently discontinued but they need to bring it back

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Was gonna post raspberry sours...
I can feel the sting on my tongue...

There was just no solid successor. Nothing at that degenerate retarded level that was also so good despite being so dumb.

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also these were the fucking shit. Great promotion for the movie imo when I was a kid

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God-tier burger

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doritos collisions were the shit

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This was the best flavor.

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I don't get the come back, is this some last word bullshit?

what is the vent for?

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home heating systems or ACs. hot/cool air would be pumped through the vents

that hasn't changed at all though...

the samsung ypk5, why did they stop making these!?

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fuck adult swim
they cancel anything actually good
mde never dies

yeh, forgot metalacolypse.

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