Chubby Thread

Chubby Thread

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great tits, any pics of her ass?


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Set those titties free!

Sharing chubby sluts, kik shampoo _ conditioner

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nice ass, same girl?

Tumblr slut chloe

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Oh fuck

Nice. I love when i can see their nails like that

>"nice breeder"
>"hot af she reminds me of my ex lol"
>has never had a gf
>"fapping for her"
>"does her name begin with an A?"
>"I'd force my cock down her throat"
>responds to even the most horrifyingly grotesque of posts asking for more
>"you got kik?"
>"rate my wife"
>"u mad nigger?"
>catches glimpse of reflection in computer screen and tries not to cry
>"sure thing kid"
>"got kik?"
>"would breed"
>"I thought summer was over?"
>wonders why farts hurt and smell of burnt rubber and old garbage
>"you got kik?"
>"good girl"
>"spread your legs for me beautiful "she's got me diamonds bro"
>"mmmm nice slampiggy"
>"would rape"
>"she wouldn't be able to walk when I was finished with her lol"

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Some cuck showed me his pig wife

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Every thread with this conker-titted man-thing.

Showed you? He's shown everyone. He's in every single chubby thread. I don't think he's been outside in months lol

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Any more pics of her tits?

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Haven’t been on here much so I didn’t know he was spamming her. And yeah her tits are pretty shitty but the face is okay and the ass is fat.

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Ive never seen her. Keep posting

Damn nice ass

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keep going, any hardcore?

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Nah sorry

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Dose it begin with an A???

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Just for future reference. If you're going to be pathetic enough to role-play as an user who saved the pics you keep spamming and is re-posting them, have the gumption to at least change the filenames. Fucking pathetic LOL

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is my fatso good enough for this thread Sup Forums?

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More of this cutie :D

I wanna rearrange her guts like a car crash

Sup Forums loves everything

>my fatso
You don't act that way IRL. Why pretend to do it here? No one is impressed.

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Dear God, it's literally you.

Wow. Amazing.

>I wanna rearrange her guts like a car crash

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here is only place she fits.

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She ever get those big tits out?

Same girl

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No name starts with d

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That's not chubby, that's a whale


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fucking kek

Any more webms of her?

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chaddi on

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Love those tiddies

Wow, fresh take.

yeah they make really good stress releaser i squeeze the shit out of them

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Good lord.

shes pretty fuckable user. She your girl?

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Yes bro

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Damn she so thicc. Id love to fuck her


this as a gif would be great
bet they jiggle all over the place

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Any fully nude?


i know the bounce all over the place

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she have any kids? nice tits indeed!

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Oh look, it's the mentally-underdeveloped stalker again.