What do you think about your own father?

What do you think about your own father?

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Didn't get along with him when he was alive but probably would now.

I've always thought he was stupid and still do.

My dad died 22 years ago and I still miss him.

Beat me twice a week on average for 15 years. When I finally beat his ass when I was 16 he started using baseball bats and other weapons.

My mother is a weak, frightened woman who didn't do shit to stop it. Fucker convinced her and my brother I deserved the beatings.

Kept writing abusive emails and letters to me up until his death and then tried to make a weak attempt to apologize on his death bed. I didn't even respond or attend his funeral. My mom and brother still hate me for that.

Hope he is burning in hell.

he was the backbone in our family, had some drug problems and we probably shoulda been taken away long ago but he still wanted the best for us. he didn't want us working on no construction sites with no life.

all in all, coulda been worse. he's not around today though :( you'd be surprised how much even losing a dog can change your attitude.

So you feel like you’re still justified in hating him? Why is that?

He was an absolute stud probably until his 30's. Then alcohol fucked him up badly, he was drunk for decades, when he died, he was only 60yo young. I wish he wouldn't be dead so I can take care of him, and help him overcome his troubles. I'm happy that I raised myself to be a better man.

Dad is the best. :)

I try not to.

Good guy buy wasn’t around most of the time. Can’t blame him as he was providing for us. Though I wish he had more of a backbone.

He's a smart guy but his downfall was not taking more risks in life. He was a "go along" not an active participant.

I think my father never grew up so i have to learn how to be a man on my own he's kind of pathetic when i think about it

Haven't talked to him for 12 years. Not planning on talking to him again.

Oh... no reason. Huh?

some fucken pedo the world gave a pass too


Why do you still hate him? It’s obvious that you do

why wouldn't he be?

Started using hard drugs young so never mentally matured past 20. Makes for a really awkward dynamic.

Like Donkey Doug if Jason wasn't also an idiot (Good Place)

Not a bad person but pretty sure he's on a spectrum of delusion/insanity/autism. Awkward and cringy to be around sometimes. Barely speak to him anymore. I fear every day I'm more like him than I realize and I try hard not to be. It seems inevitable sometimes.

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I don't think you fully understand what he actually went through

I don't know what your angle is but it's stupid, you have no wisdom to impart

Dude i have the same problem

Dude i have the same problem rguy hdtg

What is your point?

Maybe getting beaten as a child and called every name in the book is your idea of a good time, but it wasn't mine.

Went to Vietnam at 19 and did 3 tours with the 101st. Came home, had kids. Became a drunk, drug addict biker who would fuck up anyone who looked at him wrong. Total fucking badass type. Got his shit together in the mid 80s when I was born and been sober ever since. Overall good Dad. Older folks around my home town remember the crazy version of him so he's pretty respected I think. They know he's killed way more people than them and are always really kind. I was always a little weirded out by it.

Dead beat psychopath

So tell me

Great grandfather biggest pimp ever after great grandma died.

The autism is strong in this one.

But you can’t forgive him anyway, even after all this time?

(And also I’m pretty sure I went through a hell of a lot more than you as a child at the hands of my parents..)

Hate that narcissistic bastard

pretty decent guy, tends to always do right by me, some of his political views are retarded and he talks too much sometimes but overall i know i could always count on him if i needed to and that over anyone else he'd back me up.

Sounds like a good guy to me.

my father is a violent drunken lunatic that slept around on my mother. eventually she divorced him. and now that im in therapy about the things my grandfather would do to me he in total denial that i was nearly killed multiple times.

He's a jackass i shouldn't care so much about. He's hit me my mom and my brother several times growing up. Chased us out of the house in drunken fits. Masterbated in front of us. Insisted on driving us home drunk. Laughs when you get hurt. Yells at you if you consistently don't listen to him. You're good for nothing if you're gay,like blacks, or like anything that's not southern christian to his standards. He's even told i should have dropped out even though i graduated. And basically told me i'd never amount to anything and the same for my brother. Not to mention he's selfish as hell and left a whole other batch of step children.That are old now but he never raised.

Do you forgive him?

my father, along with my mother, destroyed our family with drug abuse and other violence when i was hitting puberty. my siblings went with it and they're all drug addicts. broke contact when i was 20 and i want to keep it that way. i will never let them close to my children

Pops taught me well. I'm still growing fruits and vegetables from his /our/ house in mines now. RIP RB

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He honestly is at this point. Turns out going to war at 19yo kinda fucks with people. But he got straight and now is just a gentle soft spoken kinda dude whos into building classic cars. Turned 70 this year.

my father did his job , gods bless him

Fucking based user

Boring conversationalist.

>But you can’t forgive him anyway, even after all this time?

lol why the fuck would he? Apparently he kept being a piece of shit to him even after he moved out.
He didn't even apologize until he was on his fucking deathbed, doesn't sound like it should have been accepted.

Arbitrarily forgiving people(even family) for no reason other than "hurr durr time has passed" is retarded as hell.

Ignorant, stubborn, rude, manipulative, toxic, inconsiderate, thickle, unable to apologise or admit he's wrong. I pray to any lucky stars I may have that I never grow up to be like him. I compare myself to him and if I'm not similar then I know I'm doing well.

Give him my regards.

Hey brother this is about you and how much hate you have deep inside, not me. It’s up to you to decide what the right thing to do is. I know I’ve forgiven my parents, but forgiveness is not just something you say, it’s something you believe.

Good luck

you did the right thing, hope you've found peace in your life user

i am him in a new body

You are in Sup Forums, most likely you will.

Why wold you forgive to your abuser? Are you mentally ill?

Why not?

lol wut
im not even that guy, i was just saying him forgiving his father in that situation would have been a bitch move

He cheated on my mum and started another family when I was 13. I think he's a massive faggot

Fucking Stockholm syndrome, get the fuck out of here,

My birthfather was never there for me. He kept up with child support, and when I was 28 we finally met up in person. Man do I look a lot like him, but he's a coward. I keep up with him every couple of months just to say hello and it's important to me that we stay in touch, especially because he's dealing with cancer right now. He's blood, but he's not family, if that makes sense.

love him but we never talk. no bad blood or anything its just who we are.i kinda wish he would have bonded with me more growing up. felt kind of distant from him.still love him though.

My dad is a great provider and a great man but not a great father. He thinks I'm a drug addict loser so we don't get along. We used to get along as semi distant family but now that he tries to tell me how to live without really knowing shit about me, things come to a head often. I wish things were better, and so does he. Options for change are very limited atm, so I'm struggling with trying to not hold any grudges

I wish I was 1/10 the Man/Father mine is.

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He never gave me any valid advice. He thought it was silly to guide your son.He couldn't be a father.

my dad used to abuse my mother until they divorced. he has a lot of stress and up until a few years ago used to abuse me daily. but now its kinda better. since he has girlfriends and doesnt really care anymore

Damn. I wish you anons had a dad like mine. Most intelligent, wise, and determined guy I will ever know. Taught me to hunt, fish, and generally take care of myself in and out of society.

He didn't just mold me into a man. He made me into one who can teach others as he did and I think that's the most important part.

I left the house very young, while he was finding himself. Just took a bag and left into the world, very angry at him.
The street was my home and dawn under clear sky was my father.
I know he has me on his conscience and cries sometimes, cuz only now he sees that I'm the same as him.
We didn't talk or write, but in front of other people we always talked all the best about eachother. I think that, even though we never understood eachother, I loved him and he loved me only way we knew how..

He was a better father and a better person than I could even hope to be. I was a shitty son, missed a chance to stop by a month before he passed.

His funeral was SRO. I miss him.

You're kind of out to lunch, aren't you?

My father was the kind of guy who spent $20/day on whiskey and cigarettes
and then told me a bicycle was an unreasonably expensive christmas gift and I should be more practical.
Fuck you selfish dad.

Makes perfect since your mother was worthless whore that kept you alienated from him your hole life. That's what happens when you try to make a whore a house wife.

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I'm sorry your dad was suicided by the clintons

>The street was my home and dawn under clear sky was my father.

Oh dear God, that was corny. Don't write shit like that, ever.

glad he either killed himself on accident, killed himself on purpose, or was murdered. just so long as he stays dead.

Give him a break, it's hard to learn real poetry when you're being raised by wolves.

He had a personality a lot like mine, so we could understand each other's thought process pretty well. His approach to things was always pragmatic, so he was the person I'd go to for practical advice. In my adult life, we got very close.

I respect him a lot for putting up with my batshit mother and staying in my life after the divorce. Seeing stories like the ones in this thread, and the many people I know IRL who aren't on great terms with their dads, made me cherish our relationship. I'm really glad I had a chance to tell him as much before he died.

I miss him every day.


You should be like that to your kids then.

Violent, boozy, cowardly cunt.

Greatest person I've ever known. RIP, dad

Hate him , he’s a fool, pussy in business , hardass to family, socially awkward

He sounds kinda like me.

I guess that’s about as brutally honest as anyone can get

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I don't plan to have any kids. If I had taken my dad's path in life, I'd have already have kids around 13 and 10 years old. The thought scares the fuck out of me. Seeing what my own parents had to go through made me heed my dad's advice to not knock a girl up while I was still young and stupid.

I'm not half the man he was, anyway.

You are exactly the part of the Depopulation plan thats going on right now

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Idk. He died when I was 8.

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He's my fucking hero.

Not my problem. It's inevitable anyway. When people are educated enough to choose whether to procreate, they often choose not to.

When you add on the fact that our social system has been optimized to screw dads over just for having a family... I just don't see an upside. I have nephews, and I've never been more sure that parenting isn't for me.

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my grandfather is dead. and since ive finaly nuted up and started telling people about his activitys with me they are in total denial of it. i dont forgive him. he thinks i live in a "false reality" and will swear up and down that "my daddy wouldnt do something like that" FUCK EM

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My father was a great businessman and taught me everything. I worked for him and left his company in my late 20's and started my own company. Within a decade i was twice as big as him. The best thing he ever said to me was that i am the richest person he knows. Good stuff.

Has a lot of psychological issues that unfortunately rubbed off on me


I am not giving up on finding peace. Diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression decades ago.

Otherwise fairly successful life -- great wife, great kid, make decent money. Best thing I ever did was to break the cycle of abuse and NEVER abuse my own child.

I'll get a few days off from work when he dies. Other than that, I don't give a shit.

My father got schizophrenia when I was about two, one year later my mother divorced. He is still hearing voices till today, thirty years later.

I'm an adult, and I still see my dad as my role model.

My dad died 3 weeks ago. He was great and the time too short. He was thriving to build a future for his kids and support us the best he could. We was the best father I could have wished for and am happy that I told him that and thanked for all he did. This was our best and most intense year this year, he died while helping me in my garden, while I was at work. I miss him.

Do you not know the difference between things like reconciliation and forgiveness? Forgiveness is seen as something of a problem in a lot of conflict resolution seeing as it's often employed to just get emotions off your plate rather than confronting the main issue. You can choose not to forgive someone but not be continually angry. You don't have to buy into the christian kool-aid that is "forgiveness solves all problems", in some cases it just hides trauma. I had a shitty boss years ago that treated me and the other employees like garbage. She never apologized, and eventually left the place. Why would I forgive her, what emotional utility would it serve? Your emotional worldview is simplistic.

My dad thinks I'm mentally retarded