Shoes that get your dick hard for feet

Shoes that get your dick hard for feet

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Slip ons like these get me instantly diamonds

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Vans>> imagine the smell...

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Converse are the correct answer. God damn a girl in them just get my dick as hard as steel

Because you know she’s a ho if she’s wearing these.

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lows or his? i love low vans like this

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Some of the best smelly shoes I’ve encountered were vans

i second vans

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low tops for me for sure.

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These chucks are mouthwatering. Nothing like a good pair of well worn chucks on a nice pair of feet

fila disruptor


i want to sniff every pair in this pic

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That looks like a certain uber-hot Hawaiian I know.

only retarded girl would wear this shit

Who tf wears this shit

Tfw no heels, stilletos, trainers, cheer shoes

how come?

Flats hold odor well

I prefer tennis shoes. Less of a stink and more of a body scent

heels all the way

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Bc That's what thots wear. I wanna bury my face in them

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Finally. Love when they remove their foot and you can see the faint sweat marks on the bottom

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they smell so good after a long day of being worn

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these. Seeing cheerleaders in college wear these got me so rock hard. Wanted to smell them but never got the chance

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these are not sexy. Can't do them. only pic I have. The socks don't help matters. Anyone like either of them?

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Nice feet

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>no socks
oh lawds


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Flats are the only closed toe shoe that does it for me. The rest make me think they are just sweating up their feet, making them all disgusting.

i want to make fun of you for this but I know what you mean

I got the chance to smell this particular girl's shoes once, I was so excited to do it but immediately turned off doing it. It stunk. Smelled like they'd been worn in a lake and never properly cleaned. Other girls' had nice sweet smell, like nice lotion.

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Anymore pedal pics?

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never got this fetish, way too specific, care to explain?

A girl I had a relationship with in high school had these vans, pretty plain mostly white. At least we’re white at one time. We went to an amusement park one day all day. Half way through the day she asked if I could give her a foot massage when we were done. Duh.jpg. At the end of the day once we got back to her house she had me take off her shoes. The stink was indescribable. She giggled. I stuck my face in the shoe and took a whiff. Holy hell. I was taken back it was so strong, but wanted more. She ended up giving g me head while make me smell her shoe. Shit was amazing for high school.

We like it when women drive barefoot. The way the feet move is hot

1,000s. what's your preferred footwear?

always enjoyed watching girls drive. Something about the gentle to hard pressure, being in control. IDK but it gets me rock hard.

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Or in any footwear not just barefoot

I rode with this girl I liked once, made her drive. Had a great view of her flipflops and feet as we drove a couple hours. She'd sorta bounce her foot on the gas gently to the beat of the music. It was hot

Fucking best thread

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I like barefoot but stirrups or toeless socks are hot too.

I love moccasins. No socks though, wear them barefoot.

I wanna get a gf so I can have her do stuff like that

do it! They seem to enjoy making their men weak, whatever it takes

that could be hot I guess


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These are stirrups

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The insides of some moccasins I used to smell. Very cheesy.

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oh I thought they were leg warmers. IDK if I have any but I'm gonna look. They look sexy

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blow any loads in them?

Leg warmers are also sexy

>Adidas Superstars (either bare legs or black stockings/panties)
>All Stars
>Regular pumps (not those insanely high ones)

Well and of course flip flops but that's basically barefoot

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what year is the Ford

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A ton. God they smelled so good.

Got any barefoot with natural toes?

this shit

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no clue. It's from an old site called Sock It to the Pedal. Not sure if it's still around. I know this from the brightly colored pedals. Not sure how I feel about this pic. Looks like some shoes an old lady would wear, but I'm sure she was young, as this site was usually all girls in their 20's/30's

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Any kind of goth/metal/combat boots make hard as fuck.

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I have a shoe fetish so I was diamonds they entire time

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So which ones you think hold the real aroma of feet best? Bought many well worn flats, but they always disappoint. Had one pair of slip-ons as well, and GOD, they smelled fantastic!

I love it when girls floor, especially with two feet

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>Bought many well worn flats
where from?

Don't see too much two feet flooring, except on the brake

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Poshmark, eBay, asking women is where I get my stuff

hot. I haven't seen that one!

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Yeah it’s a personal one, girls send me shoe pics when I ask


You see much pedal stomping?

I'm always leery that a girl will trick me into sniffing shoes worn by some dude. /soc/ traps have ruined me

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Got anymore personal pics like this?

Another pic of the converse

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Got more of her?

I honestly can't stop jerking off to her feet. They are just about as good as you can get.

I welcome you guys to enjoy my Alyssa and her amazing feet / shoes.

Anyway, the best shoes are either converse, vans, or Adidas on women.

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keep em coming!

only exes who knew about my fetish. I was riding with this girl I liked, in the backseat one time. She starts kinda stomping the brakes, I look up in the mirror and she's looking back at me. Wish I wouldve gone after that one harder

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Yeah I don’t smell them, just cum in them, that’s why I stay away from unisex shoes and I get pics of the girl wearing them

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muh dick

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