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Spicks and jews, they'll all lose to the moon crew
Chicks and dudes who you think is really killing coons.

fuck yeah

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So edgy, I can’t handle it.

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i must inject my semen into a nice white woman, and raise nice little white children with her.

This can be played in two

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you just dont get it do you? you just dont get it at all.

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I know you don't get it

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i'll be watching

>be Hitler
>want to be an architect
>take a bunch of art classes
>don't take any math classes
>don't take any physics classes
>apply to most prestigious college in Europe
>get rejected immediately
>say it was "Fate stepping in to guide me towards my destiny"
>be Hitler
>discover that the people in charge of media and banks and large corporations are all Jewish
>solution to this problem is to let those guys leave the country and lock up and kill a bunch of random farmers and factory workers and shit
>he even gave some of the bankers money and land in Palestine
>be Hitler
>invade Russia in late June because you think you'll be able to conquer the whole country in five months before winter comes

watching me? Isn't that cucked?Pfff...why am I not surprised?!

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be careful with that edge its very sharp but i dont disagree

He did not want to be an architect

I'll be careful,mate

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nu fascists dont know how to organize and rely on lone wolves

Why is he so sexy? I like your Saint Pepsi version better.

>he didn't read Mein Kampf

You have women in your movement ,kek. We'll subvert it from inside out

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You are the one who hasn't read it apparently.

That's a man, baby

? lol what

I haven't said "pic related",heh

But most antifun fags look like that . You just want to get sodomised by aryans ,do you not?!

Never underestimate the power of the NS male to convince a leftist cunt to have sex with him

no shit, nigger.

He goes on in the first couple chapters about how he skipped math class to piss off his dad, and he got interested in architecture in Vienna.

we really do need tags

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ohh i see. you misunderstood me and i misunderstood you. no deal then.
still. keep telling the truth, brother.

Wrong. He wanted to be an ARTIST. He said it multiple times in the first chapter,do you want to see a picture? His evaluator deemed his paintings to be nothing more than architectural sketches ,he criticized Hitler's artistic nature...but Adolf had never aspired to be an architect.

yup i can get behind that. fuck those stupid ass minorities

well, actually a lot of hitler's ambitions through architecture were realized through albert speer, the world's most brilliant architect. see albert speer was an architectural genius, and he worked with hitler regularly to build some badass shit, and the two of them came together with this badass supercity which WOULD have been built if it werent for losing the war and such. Hitler DID in fact have a great deal of passion for architecture. you can say hitler and speer both had a tremendous amount of influence over each other when it came to architecture. again, though. albert speer was the brains when it came to that kind of thing. hitler was a pretty good painter though.

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dont let the dream die with the man himself
it's not fucking over

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remember who we fight for

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