Ok b

Ok b
What was your first time?
Who popped your cherry?
Who took that v card away?
Time to fess up and let us all know

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Ok so I was a freshman in high school and I had gym class on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Every day after gym class I had an open period so I was in no rush to change after gym class and would usually take a shower because hygiene. After like a couple of week the gym teacher started to poke around the locker_rooms after class and noticed that I was always there. Eventually one day he walked into the showers while I was in there

I always wore swim trunk when I showed so did most of the freshman boys because god damn is the awkward, but my teacher was just butt ass naked. He said hi and started to shower on the other side of the room. I started to peek over at him not sure why just was kinda curious and damn he was hung. Eventually at some point he caught me looking and said something along the line of like " dont you know it's weird to look at guys in the shower?"

I quickly told him no and sorry as I turned away and I heard him walk over and stand close to me. He put his hands on my shoulder and turned me around and said "it's also kinda weird to wear swim suits in here" i explained to him why i was doing it and he just laughed at me



My first fuck was my girlfriend who I started dating freshman year of high school. We had been dating for two months. Her family was Vietnamese and everyone but her and her dad left for a week to visit home. She snuck me in one night after we had planned what would happen. It was spring break and also 2 days after I had turned 15. Damn was I lucky.

My 16yo step aunt fucked me all the time starting when I was 9 up in grandma's attic. I didn't really know what I was doing but it felt great so I went along with it.

Lost mine at 13. Didn't wrap it either. I was a man before half of Sup Forums could ride a bike

You fucking liar lol

Nope, totally true. Don't get too excited, step aunt was ugly as fuck.

Still a fucking virgin

I was like 7 and my cousin made me touch her. But then like real virginity wise I lost that the summer before my freshman year of high school to my girlfriend at the time.

Probably never will

My first time was actually recently. It was my 23rd birthday and mommy let me stay up late because it was my special day. She gave me unlimited good boys points for the whole day and said I could do anything I wanted. I had her go for some nuggies while I sat in my room and played video games and suddenly I saw her. My anime waifu, she was actually in my room and she fucked me like crazy. She called me her tubby daddy and we did it hard. Mommy didn’t want to bring me the nuggies and told me I had to stop but I told her she had to feed me the nuggies because it was my birthday. It was the best day of my life

Yes, please

Ur mom

A prostitute

Still a virgin.

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Looks like it's time to find a concubine, user

45 and still a virgin

Wow, i never think I would meet an arch-mage before.

Still a virgin.

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It was 1993, we were both 12. Came i side her all the time because we were young and stupid. It was nice.

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So after he finished laughing at my exslpinating about my swim trunks, he told me that men dont wear swim trunks in the locker room because there are only other men. I remembering blushing like crazy then he say "why dont you just take them off?" I dont quite remember why but I did what he asked and stripped down for him and looked back at him.

He stared at me and smiled, I remember how warm and trusting he looked and that he was rock hard. Now I knew that when you got hard it was normally because I found some porn on reddit or something so I put two and two together and realized that he thought i was hot

He just kinda took the lead at this point and grabbed my hand putting it on his cock and he slowly thrusted up and into my hand over and over again. It was so great that I actually started to get hard too


i'm still a fat virgin

My first girlfriend, but her pussy was like too tight for actual sex, i like thrusted 5 times and she couldnt take it, this isnt a brag, was a shit night, we just had to do hand stuff when she didnt feel in pain anymore

From that point on he made me play with him almost every day after gym class. He slowly taught me how to jerk him off then how to blow him and then eventually he taught my how to take a cock up my ass.

He actually started calling me nicknames like pup or son and I was really really enjoying it. He made me feel really fucken good and after like a month of anal as the bottom he let me top him. It was ok found out I wasn't very good at it.

He also started to by me toys to play with, small stuff like butt plugs at first then eventually full on animal dildos and prostate massagers. He actually made me some times wear a plug and a cage around for the rest of the day at school under my uniform.

i was 20 before i lost it, one of my friend's dorm mates, she had given me a handjob before, she went on top first it was ok more fun when we went missionary, kinda underwhelming i guess

i was 15
she was 17
stayed together for a year
a few years later she married my brother
fast forward and they have three kids
makes for a very weird family dynamic