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I fell asleep with my mouth open and my cat was licking the spit out of my mouth and it woke me up, i noticed, and let him keep going because it felt good

I massacred 27 burgers in one sitting at White Castle back in '87.

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I spend too much time waiting for the new Secrets thread to show up.

I lost my v getting raped. I was 14.


Not really a secret but does my vagina look normal? In videos and pictures I've seen they all seem to have a bigger opening. Is mine werid? If so then I guess I'll keep it a secret and never share it irl.

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looks fine. Tits?

Is it supposed to be puffy like that tho?

yeah, I mean I'm no medical expert but there doesn't seem to be any glaring issues


Looks good.

like to read hentai

Looks delicious. Moar

>be me 14
>hanging around the park at night because small shitty town
>I go off to pee
>as I'm getting back up one of the guys appears right in front of me and pushes me back down
>guess he followed and watched
>he pulls my jeans off
>im trying to push him off
>he rapes me on the grass

How old are you? Makes a difference to how your bits look

A while ago, after 14 years of curiosity, I decided to take the plunge and do some stuff with another guy. He undressed me, took me to his bedroom, and we just JO'd off next to each other. I didn't hate the experience, and enjoyed parts of it.

Tempted to meet with someone new to further experiment but too scared to regret it. Too incel to pursue women at the moment.

did you like it??

I still get hard and wank when remembering when I was 13 and an older man I met online met me after school and had sex with me

I wanna put my dick in this woman

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gf and i started trying anal stuff, which led to me getting pegged
i loved it, but i'm jacked and my gf is 5'1" and petite
i don't think people would believe us if we said anything

oh look, a tranny is here showing off "her" vadge
how long until you kill yourself?

This is weird but... Kinda? Like after a bit it felt good.

do you now have rape fetishes?

How did anal lead to pegging? Just curious.

I fear I'm gonna die a virgin, and with each passing day, the likelihood of that happening rises exponentially

My tits are small nothing great about them really, kinda disappointing actually.

I'm young. How does age affect it?

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Only as an occasional fantasy

you're lucky you've got curves liek that being a borederline fatass

My little sisters 2 best friends (both 16) do sex stuff with me for alcohol and juul pods

Are you 18+??

I am one of the most mature people I know at my age (25). I like being professional in my work place and I don't drink or do drugs of any kind. I also love watching kids cartoons when I'm home alone. They are simple and adorable.

Obviously if I want to watch something more than one dimensional characters and a plot thicker than a potato chip I watch something else, but nonetheless I enjoy watching shows like pic related.

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i like dressing up as a girl and have been for some time.My friends can't tell it's me (in pictures) and i enjoy it.
I want to die because its degenerate as fuck

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Post wickr

Perfectly normal. Just looks young and not worn out.

got her a buttplug to start, and "cleaned out" with her in solidarity
then whiel curious and horny she lubed it up and put it in me
a few months later she's plowing my ass on the regular
funnily she's super sub most of the time


Did you die? That’s actually so fucking impressive I could probably do 16 max

You need to masterbate more

I'm almost 40, so you look amazing....

Vystriekal som sa raz bratovej frajerky sestre, čo si šla strašne také to "fit life" a kokotiny, do shake-era s nejakou kokotinou čo tam mala zrobenú. Vylogala to ako posledná kurva do poslednej kvapky. Good old days v Žiline kde tie kurvy hltaju sperma ako vodu

Gonna need some more pics for science

fikvial tistando pu rato som kokipa landidar

Found a movie of my roommate jacking off. He had a very large penis(which he always bragged about) and shot a massive load. I still jack off today thinking about it.


Thanks for the weight loss inspiration I know I'm a fatty and need to lose weight. Pic of my disgusting fatness just for you

I am over 18

What's a wickr?

Awh thanks your sweet

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Post that vid, kek!

Are we talking just girl's clothes or makeup, perfume, acting girly etc?

I think I have cancer again. Skin cancer this time, it looks like it might be melanoma. I'm going to wait until it's too late to talk to a doctor about it.

That's sweet dude. I'm glad you have a gf that's so open

Amazing body, thank you for sharing it with us.

You up for requests?

fuck you you are not fat lol. What state are you in? How old are you?

Wish I could. This was a home vid. Not online

My wife's toenails are the same color.

Almost every night i am on Sup Forums while in bed, my gf asleep next to me.
ID love to take some pics (or more) of her and her daughters while theyre asleep but im too afraid of waking them up.

Honestly I would say not bad big tits are annoying as fuck when having sex.

tits and timestamp or gtfo

yea it's a good time

same guy. Where you from?

Would need to see your buthole for a proper diagnosis

scroll up faggot

I’m in US

disregard, i'm thinking of another thread

lots of hotter women on /s/. put a sharpie in your pooper or something to keep Sup Forums's attention



Secure messaging app.

Messages expire after a time kinda like snapchat.

I'm gonna have my sister get her brains fucked out of her while she's out cold by another user on Thanksgiving week

So you wanted her to do it the first time? Or if not, how did you initially react?


she asked me if she could try putting it in me, and i agreed cause we were building to fuck her ass
i ended up really liking it (always curious)
built up more and more

Cheated on my gf with a prostitute in Amsterdam and hooked up with a chick in a shower in a London hostel

Download wickr and post username.

A couple years ago I semi-randomly wound up the only guy living with two girls. It was toxic as hell. So much petty drama between them all the time, with me often caught in the middle of it. One was a stuck up bitch with a big round butt. I got really detached and started jerking it to her dirty panties, which was insanely risky, but made me nut so hard. The other girl often came to me to vent and over time we became pretty close. Eventually we started hooking up in secret. She always had this pent up tension and liked getting used however I wanted. I often ate her out and then fucked her in the butt. First girl who ever let me put it in the pooper. Still beat off to the memories

Lol u ain't fat, don't listen to these incels please

Right? she's got a fucking banging body

got a kik?

More of a question than a confession. Is it weird I actively seek out diabetics on dating sites? I myself am one and find it hot when my partner also has it.

I took traveling advice from Reddit and started backpacking at certain locations hotels in Europe until one day where I couldn't find anywhere to sleep and I was lost in a cold, damp, small city without knowing the language.

met an innkeeper and he alluded that i could stay in his cabin for a few favors. i was on enough xanax that i didnt feel as much regret when he had me screaming for 2 hours.

never not planning stuff through again, and it’s something I try to leave behind in the past.

Moral of the story: I need to get female roommates

i asked my gf for a break half a year ago because i was going through some pretty bad depression. It got to a point where it was toxic. I used this time to rebuild myself and get to a better place

She relented, but I told her that I would be okay. We broke up for about 3 months.

During those 3 months, her friends apparently set her up with another guy on a date. He made her his and they had pretty good sex from what I hear.However, they stopped seeing each other and that's when I asked her out again.

We have talked about it, and I told her that I'm okay with it since I initiated the break. However, I am dying on the inside between wanting to know/forget any details.

> lying to women about their appearance is how to get in their pants
doesn't work, especially on Sup Forums

more details pls

I have the ability to find anything sexual attractive like an on and off switch. My decision is entirely based on the judgement of those around me. This is a great thing because I can adapt to the fetishes of any potential partner.

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What? thats spanish? portuguese? Mesovian Valyriayn?

Another user will supply me with some drugs to knock her out and when we make sure she's out cold he'll dig in her guts
Pic related: it's her

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jesus christ she has some thighs, snap some nudes while youre at it

you guys on /b only like traps who still look like dudes and children, so this is obviously too much woman for you.. her body is perfectly normal, I would say realy nice even.. even if you don't like it you can't say she's fat lol cuz that ain't fat bro

lol how does one get in a woman's pants online? She's got a nice body.

Do you share needles?

>Mesovian Valyriayn
gibberish lol

My daughter has friends sleep over today and I wish I could smell their shoes

Yeah she definitely does and I only have kik

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what would you like to know?

What kinda drugs you using?

My 14yo son got his first gf (13) a few months ago.
He asked if she could come sleep over, I said ok, and he asked me to convince her parents too.
I went, and swore to the girl's mother nothing bad would happen to her.

Then when the night came my son started fucking her. I could hear everything, walls are pretty thin... it lasted for about 3 hours

i mean it's fine, but also no tits and no ass, and too much fat on the belly
sorta boxed shaped body and you can't see the curves unless she forces it
easily fixed with squats and some mild weight loss
she has good hips hidden under dat mild flab

add me and send them over kik:nimiqui

whats ur kik?

you leave us?