When white supremacy meets reality

When white supremacy meets reality.

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When reality meets white supremacy.

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Lefty racism is pure shit.

What so awful about letting a country choose it's own destiny?

I can cherry pic too.

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Niggers are inferior animals

Damn it, was having a good bant in the last one. : (

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Black or white, none of you faggots can do half of what you are posting, you would get your ass beaten by either race.

You worship shit monkeys; have fun with that.

When Shlomo gets on the internet.

Thor goes to Wakanda.

black dude doesn't seem provocative, seems like jsut a begger imo


looks like the white dude does a hitler salute, the black dude goes in to confront him about it and hte white dude knocks him down.


what is this ??? white power ??

When narrow minded retards decide to apply racial bullshit to some pictures of an UFC match

Faggoty Canadian here; I've come to laugh at the nogs doing 20 on a misdemeanour. Also no death penalty.

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