Since no country on earth is doing anything about this Kim cowboy, let's do it ourselves Sup Forums

Post ideas how to make this happen.
(Bonus points if it doesn't require leaving your parents basement)

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Just pick up North Korea and flip it over to the cool side

they're too brainwashed into believing it's normal and cut off to be able to do much, even china's less cut off from the rest of the world

all they need is some fresh memes

can we meme strike them?

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NK is fucked. Little man Kim rapes anyone hes sees thats pretty. Death camps for anyone who doesnt warship him. Religion like Christianity you are beyond fucked. He feed his own uncle to starving dogs. Had his brother killed. Dude more than likely rapes his own sister and kids for fun. Hes a sick little chicken shit bastard. But so many protect him so hes safe.

So he's basically Sup Forums

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Seth Rogen got his own office because of this movie, because kim jong korea threatened to kill him and all his coworkers got scared lol

What are you going to do about it?

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Let China have at em and hopefully the us offer refugee status for their smartest people.

Nothing. Too many assholes on Sup Forums. Really starting to piss me off.

Trump must think he’s a legend


How about this:

>Gather some cold hard cash
>We print 10 billion high quality memes on hard copy
>We tie them to (high altitude) balloons
>Distribute them freaking everywhere
>Population uprising
>Resistance forms
>Civil war

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How do you suppose we gather said cash?

crowd funding
local action by south korea anons
south korea government

Well then tough shit

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poor muffin

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she's probably just as big of a devil as the man himself
but at least she's got tits

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Do it like with the German Democratic republic: so the sanctions, let them flourish, people will have more and more demand, finally for freedom. What should stop them from a revolution for freedom then?

They'll think it's because of their eternal leader

fuck, marry or kill

your penis has never been so confused

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There was the plan to just airdrop money for the people and let things escalate


How are you going to acquire so much local currency?

Tell us what you're going to do to North Korea, asshole, other than nothing. Too many children on this board.

It's easier just to air drop food and supplies no?
Food is probably just as much of a currency over there.

i don't see how that'd help

Are you retarded? I don't want to do anything to North Korea because I genuinely do not care what happens there. You thinking you can make a difference by raging on Sup Forums is hilarious

I don't give a fuck either
If they'd stay to themselves, I could care less.

But glassing the place negatively impacts us
And if we don't, they'll grow strong and will want to glass us
So we need a better way.

Getting into them directly would be a no go as 1:North Koreas security would be too tight(them using their own Os and all)

2: if we were somehow able to breach that security they would be too brainwashed to even know what we are talking about

>implying a bunch of chuckle fucks like us could convince an entire fucking goverment to give us money

Then figure it out or shut the fuck up. Let them grow for all I care

>I could care less.
It's COULDN'T care less you fucking inbred, could care less means you must care at least a bit.

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It's not even bait at this point.

Can't help it. Sup Forums is so fucked up lately

$1 = 1 balloon full of kimshit memes.

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both are used and recognized faggot
now kys

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How many trees can we plant in north korea?
Casually air strike them with wholesome tree seeds

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Your and you're are recognized but misusing them still makes you look extremely uneducated

merriam-webster and dictionary.com beg to differ


also, why the fuck are you grammar checking Sup Forums

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>use stolen Chinese, American, Russian, English, and German aircraft, whatever the CIA/NATO has
>fly massive air convoy over Best Korea dropping packages
>slightly warm big macs and track phones with internet
>pop off 100k pepe flyers
>airdrop thousands of USBs preloaded to the max with memes

>There have been numerous theories about why people began to drop the negative particle, including sarcasm, lack of education, and that the phrase simply sounds better when omitting the not.
yeah, no
>lack of education
>the phrase simply sounds better
but it fucking doesn't.

Go fuck yourself and stop destroying the English language because you're too much of a chucklefuck to handle an apostrophe.

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>links 2 dictionaries
>why are you grammar checking

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i don't think this is something we can just do

Why bother, let them do whatever they want inside their own country. Sovereignty use to mean something.

>gets world views btfo due to retardation
>literally begins linking dictionaries

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Take out Kim and he will just be replaced by another commy.

who gives a shit? long live to them, mind your own fucking business

Taking out Kim is not the option

You need to take out a sizable part of the regime and fill the power vacuum immediately
Or lay the groundwork for the population to do it themselves

Do something about it and you will probably get shot at with Korean bullets. Have you even ever been to North Korea? Its a fucking wasteland full of barren fucking mountain plains.

He gave up that sovereignty when he started launching missiles, broke treaties and threaten war on other countries

What treaties where broken? And threats of war and missile test were the result of not respecting their sovereignty.

I'm fairly certain South Korea already launch balloons with all sorts of media attached to them. Newspapers etcetera.. From a place close to Seoul. Google it.

NK violate a dozen human rights, that's reason enough to interfere with whatever they're doing. Would be nice if it didn't go the American way if you know what I mean

Sounds like my kind of guy desu

if US attacks North Korea, Russia will use it as an excuse to start the World War 3

Then you remove NK from the equation but have WW3 to deal with faggot.

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Yes the white man's interpretation of what human rights are is the only thing that matters. You can shove that hypocritical white knighting up your ass.

Who said anything about the US?
The US isn't doing shit

Just because you live on planet america and think Sup Forums is a US only board, doesn't make it so.


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If someones going to attack NK, its going to be the US. No other country would be so stupid. The rest doesn't care about some trash country doing its own thing.

Only the US?

If NK wasn't a buffer for SK, they'd be long gone

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This. There's nothing you can do that won't result in kicking and screaming.

Food. Money. Information.

And there must already be some regions geographically relatively far from the regimes influence.

Difficult to reach mountain regions etc.

There's nothing you can do that won't result in kicking and screaming. Who are you going to save?

The people that want you dead?



overthrow korea

Yeah china really isn't the invading kind.