Girls are stale asf on dating apps

Girls are stale asf on dating apps.

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Op here

I want to note I wasn't even trying here. this girl was like 5 years older than me and had one photo. Just went for it randomly.

imagine being this socially inept. You can't even talk to a roastie, how do you think you'll ever talk to someone who doesn't look like her BMI is >40 user? KYS

You are fucking bad at texting and it comes off as really wierd, hope you know that

You must be a desperate abomination to have even this thing reject you.

Masturbate before you text a girl.

0/10 troll post man

and you have 0/10 social skills

Nah, this pig is dumb as shit. Dude was pretty good with a geeky opening line which gives her an out.

No he wasnt. the fuck is wrong with you?

In pure honesy. Why would you even want to text her?
Could you show your profile?

You know after several 100+ attempts in acting normal and having only have a few dates it gets annoying that I have to fake my personality to get a girlfriend.

I'm weird and awkward like all of you, but unlike you guys I ain't gonna fake it anymore. If anything this is great to filter out stale ass girls.

I have to admit it working out, bit maybe one day.

This guy gets it.

It ain't* working Out, *but maybe one day.

In pure honesty, I respect that but you text obviously desperate.
And ask yourself the question; would you want to date a obviously desperate girl?
No, ofcourse you won't. Why? Because as soon as one notices the other one is desperate nobody wants to settle for the minimum. And you seem like the minimum

Fine dude, i've been in your position, but you're being too extra and trying to hard to impress or be witty or something
Idk, i cant quite pinpoint it but get your shit together, i get that you shouldnt fake a personality and i'm with you on that, but this is not it

Yeah his gambits are not the greatest, but what the fuck is up with her responses? Is she literally retarded?


But her responses are not like "this guy is desperate and creepy", they're like "i have brain damage and cannot understand simple english conversation". Was she dropped on her head? If she doesn't like this guy, she can blow him off. Saying "huh" and "idk with a fucking question mark" is just dumb as shit.

Try again.

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Yeah that girl is a fuckfailure for sure. but why the fuck would you even text that woman? She has more beard growth than me and I'm a 19 yo dude with the daddy of the amazonas forrest in between my ass crack.

No need to prove it desperate OP

I like proving faggots wrong. Stay mad.

Why would I be mad? Its more pitty tbh.

Okay user, whatever you say.

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Keep searching. Like minded ppl do attract.Just be you and you will find somebody like you

Oh user i adore your honesty. You'll find that one girl that deserves you and for her you'll be the one who she deserves.

Tank u daddie wanna cummie in my tummy?

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