Girls who go poop. Get that femme-turd out of your asshole sweetheart while I watch and comb myself

Girls who go poop. Get that femme-turd out of your asshole sweetheart while I watch and comb myself

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That a girl. Do it. Just like your mom. Do it while I watch. Pretend I’m not here. Stop looking at me at just let it all out.

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Good girl. Just like your sister. Your a big girl now. Open up that third cutter. Let it out. Birth it.

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Stop texting your bf. pay attention to me while I watch you go poop.

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Do it in the public toilet, just like The whore you are.

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I didn't say stop

That is Kristen Stewart I think. If it’s not, that’s what she looks like when she poops. She thinks about how meaningless and pointless life is when she poops, she needs no reading material.

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lol this is fucking deranged stop user

Those little two sentence captions... So fucking cringe.

t. buttshattered shitshamer

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Good girl. Daddy will pay you if you let me watch you go. Backpage is shut down now. You have little choice.

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Birth it you little whore. Daddy wants to be a granddad. Give birth to it.

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Lol it’s slidding

Let Panjeet embrace his shit fantasies, user.

Daddy will pay for your prom hunny. Limousine and the best prom dress. Just let daddy watch. We won’t tell mommy ok? Our little secret.

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I know it hurts after I fuck you in the ass, baby.

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I know you hate staying in this creepy old bed and breakfast, but the ghost of your mother is here, and she will love to know we are so close. Let us both watch you go.

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Girls love to do this it makes them feel wild. Then comes the rape

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Sorry lady. You went to the single person bathroom for some privacy while you pooped, but you picked it unlucky one and now you’re on /b

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hold in the poop until its pushing against the gspot , rub that clit then drop the turn just as the orgasm hits . report back

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You won’t let daddy watch. But daddy will find a way. Daddy is smart. Now, if you don’t let me watch for real, daddy will post the vid of you pooping on the internet and send the link to all the kids at school.

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You ginger cow. Get that Celtic turd out of your ass quick. Your mom will be home soon. Stop texting your nigger boyfriend. This is your quality time with daddy.

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do this

Stop saying Latinx. That word is for libtards. It’s Latino or Latina. Since you are a girl, your turd is feminine so it’s a Latina.

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“Hey mom. Dad’s watching me poop again. What are you doing? Come get me quick because this is starting to get weird. OK text me back ASAP.”

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I have been with about a dozen girls. Every single one of them hasn't even let me watch them pee, let alone poop.
I'm kinda happy about that, ya know ?

Everyone knows that girls don't poop. Stop posting this Photoshop bullshit.

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That tanline

bitch needs a squatty potty

bathroom shelf, good interior decorating

imaging cumming on a bitch's face right as she poops

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how about girls on training pottys?

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