Civ thread faggots

Civ thread faggots

60s to name Reds, 70's Blacks, 80's Yellows, 90's Greens. 00 Adds a faction.

Include which square you want to take over
>ex Faction 2 takes over 2e

Dubs for actions and events, one action/event at a time.
Coalitions, wars, disease, agriculture, infrastructure, governments, races, politics, and development allowed. Natural disasters are randomly induced by OP.

Dubs get 1 action. 69 gets two actions. Trips unlimited actions.

Expect at least 5 minutes for updates from OP because OP lives in a shithole with shit internet on a shit computer. If you want better graphics, post illustrations to help me out. Each square is less 100px100p

>inb4 this turns into a race war because y'all're racist niggers

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I mean I'm thinking to not turn this to complete racism, you could just name them their color?

Granted, Yellows are called Yellows

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So uhh can I try and name more than one or?

OP here, yes. No one's named other factions, might as well start claiming land. 80's means you take over the squares you mentioned.

OP here again, each reply include:

which square you want to take over. If you don't mention a faction then last two numbers decide which faction gets it. Blue is sea, you can't claim the sea yet.

Oh cool, uh,
*insert color here*
Either way sorry I can't try anymore it's kinda late.

name blacks gorilla war


Thanks for trying user

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it's gorilla you fucking nigger
also grengo greens take over E7

Thanks faggot, except you can't take over the sea yet

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my dubs my call fuck off
fine can you build a bridge linking between D8 and F6?
if no i ll settle with a campbells soup factory on D8

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I'll allow 2 actions, sorry for fucking with first dubs

Gorilla Wars has taken over D8 and F6

I'm a fucking dumbass and forgot the pic

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and I can't fucking count lmao fixed

Gorilla War has taken over D8 and F6, soup factory built

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god fucking damit i only corrected gorilla, the factory should belong to the grengos and the bridge links to F6 not F8 ah fuck i should've mentioned that i talk on behalf the grengos

Granted. Grengos have taken over the Gorilla Wars.

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it's lonely in here, i demand a brothel on F5 belonging to the grengos (also do i need action points to takeover other squares since the grengos are a new faction?)


F5 now belong to Gorilla War. Last two ##s takes over land if it's in the 60's-90's. Dubs for action (like building a brothel).

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rerolling for the grengo brothel then

ehh fucking god damit alright i ll keep taking over land take over G6


Reds take over G6. Wasted trips.

If you don't specify faction, last two #s decides which faction gets it.

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FUU but the grengos aren't bound to any "last two #s"
all i wanted is the godamn brothel

I realize there's a flaw with my initial OP, I added a rule afterwards here Sorry for being a faggot.

it's getting late here and i'm the only poster left and i have to get up early tomorrow; sorry for bailing up on you OP
long live the grengos


Mayflies, square 9n

or is this thread dead