Will there ever be a cure for balding?

will there ever be a cure for balding?

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No probably not. It's a genetic process that occurs due to the loss of the ends of your chromosomes, revealing latent genetic syndromes.
Such as balding.



This. Clippers (not the basketball team) are the cure

Cure? As in what, complete and utter reversal? Because there's already finasteride which prevents loss, and rogaine which can help grow it back.

Acceptance. Been bald for 8yrs now. Been skinned head since. Luckily I have a 7/10 beard

they have a laser hat you can get i saw advert for it last night

An actual cure for balding that works WELL for everyone (Rogaine is garbage) is one of the holy grails of modern pharma. They know discovering it will be worth more money than God has. They Apollo projected Viagra because it was another item on their list of holy grails. You've seen how much that discovery has been worth.

Think it's related to bio-chemistry as humans don't eat the foods our ancestors ate for millions of years. We're obligate carnivores by design, but eat processed carbohydrates and plants. If anything will work it's eating only red meat and fat. Thank me later

Also we are deficient in vitamin D, so get as much sun as possible. 5-6 hours per day.

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To all the young guys out there, stay away from finasteride. This is a sincere comment. I took finasteride for a short period of time at 24 when I panicked about losing hairline. It substantially diminished my quality of life and there is no cure or treatment. Im 26 now and condition is unchanged. This drug affects your hormones and a small percentage of men will have pretty catastrophic results for some unknown reason. Not worth the risk. It you must act just stick with rogaine.

Extracting am individual's own stem cells from existing follicles, it's possible to reactivate follicles that have gone "dead," and it's been successfully done in lab tests elsewhere in the world (China, Japan) where biomedical research isn't held back be A) financial profit of existing half-measures and B) religious fanaticism (the USA). It literally is a true cure as it's reactivating what was already there, versus fake bullshit like hair transplants. Unfortunately, it's still years if not decades away from being ready. Your children possibly won't have to deal with baldness, but the rest of us are still fucked and told to "rock the bald look" like faggots and/or white trash.

>argues with "son"
>argument invalidated

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derma roller + minoxidil

>fearmongering with no clear examples given
I'm not saying you're wrong, but giving us actual examples/explanations of what the horrible, terrible, irreversible side effects are would greatly improve your warning.

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Sure. Sexual anhedoni (orgasming is sensationless), gynecomastia, and irritability are my biggest complaints.

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