Ever have sex with your mom?

Ever have sex with your mom?

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This guy did

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wat happen?

Jailed, of course.

yup, i did. It was glorious. She forced herself on me while drunk. Then a few of her married friends who found out used me as a fuck toy. That was glorious too. Then we moved to another area and she kept things a secret. We still have sex to this day. She usually lounges around the house in only a night shirt that barely covers her ass and when I am horny I wait til she is bent over the washing machine unloading it or doing the dishes, walk up behind her , slip my cock in and pound away. Her tubes are tied and she can not get pregnant, there is no feeling like emptying my balls into my mother. We are moving again the end of this month to a more rural area with hardly any neighbors, a Farm inherited from her grand parents, she says i am sleeping in her bed with her when that move happens. She is only 13 years older than me, and her tubes were tied because of a cyst after my birth. this all started when I was 15 and she was 28. We are now 20 and 33. I plan on riding it out as long as i can. I have never met my dad or any of his family. Mom is pretty well off from the inheritance she received from her grand parents and the fact her parents, my grand parents made her invest it wisely.

thats really fucking hot actually user, give us more stories :3

she gave birth to you as she was 13 years old

got any hot pics of your mom?

hell fucking no

Not while she was alive.

No more stories, no farther detail, as the legal implications if caught would suck. My mom is five foot seven inches tall, and weighs about 150, She has 48 f cup tits, and wide hips, with an ass that won`t quit. She was ostracized by our family when i was 8, right after my great grand father passed and my great grand mother gave her a boat load of money which my grand parents made her invest, and now things are even worse between us and the rest of our family after my great grand mother passed and willed us the farm. None of them bothered with my great grand parents much except my grand father and he even started laying off of that when my great grand mother gave my mom the money. They have all received an inheritance, but they wanted the farm sold in a lust for money i was told. So no more details other than what i gave you. I have no idea why my mother did what she did when she forced herself on me, or what may be going on in her head when she says I will be sleeping in the same bed as her, but as I said before, fuck it, i am in for the long haul and i am riding it out as long as i can. The farm is in another state, which one i am not telling you, but i have been there once and have a faint memory of it, My mom says she was only ever there about four or five times in her life, so it is not like anyone is going to know who we are or the fact we are mom and son.

When I was 12 she got herself really drunk cause of some shit that happened that I can't really go into. She sat on the couch and just started fingering herself as if nobody was there, even though I was obviously in the same room. She even looked at me a few times as she did it. She finished and it was just business as usual. Neither of us ever mentioned it and nothing else ever came out of it.

Probably remind her of your dad

I wish

Prolly fake and gay but is grandpa your dad or great grandpa?

where can I watch this shit online? and im not talking about "STOP IT STEP BROOO" brazzers bullshit

securing a future for white children

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xvideos, heavyr, xnxx

One night my mom who was drunk gave me a sympathy BJ because I was lamenting that I would probably "never get a GF" as I was a shy awkward skinny 15 yo that had pimples.


Believe what ever you want, we are on Sup Forums, but my dad and his family moved away after my mom found out she was pregnant. i never had any contact with him or his family. My mother never mentions him either other than i look like him and my dick is much bigger than his was.

Damn that's kinda hot

what a disgusting fucking picture.

No, but when I was younger I was searching my parents room looking for nudie mags. I found some unmarked video tapes. My dumbass thought it would be a good idea to see what was on them and it ended up being basically the equivalent of my mom's pornhub acct.

No, but I'd love to see her fucking with her lover (one time I was inspecting her laptoo I found a pic of their legs crossed in a bed, sadly nothing more than that)

I did / do. Weird backstory nobody will probably believe. My mother is one of the most intelligent people I know, reads a book a week, very analytical. She also ranges widely in terms of views she entertains. She's flirted a ton with weird religions, not unusual for middleaged women to get into witchy shit but she was a little more serious.

I've always been attracted to her and in my second year of college I sent her a very long email proposing that we have sex, and listing all of my rationales for why it would be a good thing, with lots of reassurances that I wasn't in psychological distress / would completely understand if she was disgusted by the idea. Basically, I said that I thought mother-son sex was the most intimate connection two human beings could have and I wanted to experience it, whether it was good or bad.

She rejected me, and said she was worried about me despite my reassurances. I reassured her more, and said we could just leave it there and try to forget about it, but then she circled around and struck up a very, very, very long correspondence that lasted a month and a half - mostly over email, sometimes by phone.

Basically, she opened up a lane for me to "persuade" her to do it, though she'd already made up her mind. The next time I was home on break we had sex, and it wasn't quite what I anticipated but was overall a great experience for both of us, and we've continued to explore that part of our relationship.

congrats. I hope you guys enjoy each other and your new relationship.

black... mail.... her

Thanks user. Going generally well so far.

Prolly fake and gay but your telling me your mom loves incest but nobody incested her?
I'm pretty sure that's not how life works

For... Having sex with her husband?

I slept in my mum's bed in to my late teens. We would spoon each other and when I was around 14, I would get hard when spooning her. She knew I was horny and would let me masturbate next to her. She's chubby but really short, around 5ft, blonde, massive tits and a really nice innie pussy with light blonde pubes, she keeps trimmed. She would let me touch her boobs, but I mostly touched her nipples. Once she knew I liked the look of her labia, she would spread it apart and I would lay close and usually cum on my stomach. She didn't like me edging though and would hold my dick and force me to cum, she'd never ruin my orgasm but stopped after I kept edging and want me to stop, I would always ask to take pics of her but she never let me. I kept asking to fuck her but she didn't let me until I was 18 but she did let me start touching her labia when I was 16 because I told her it helped me cum faster, which wasn't a lie. But a few months after I turned 18, she was annoyed with her friend at work and let me lick her pussy, I had always loved the smell of her pussy when I was masturbating but this was amazing and she was quite wet. I asked if I could fuck her, i was expecting no and wanted to keep licking but she just said "okay" and sat up on the bed. I was already rock hard so I pulled my pyjama bottoms down and she lay back down and she helped guide my cock with her hand. I knew she hadn't had sex in over 10 years but I fucked her missionary for as long as I could. I think I lasted maybe 5 minutes before I buried my face in her neck when I was cumming inside her. She took a shower and then we had sex again. She got on top of me and I took a lot longer to cum the second time. Since then I've been able to last much longer and can sometimes make her orgasm, i usually only see her now when she calls me and I go over and cum inside her. She sometimes gives me blowjobs but prefers when I fuck her quite hard

No, god no, why would I do that? What the hell is wrong with you.

A good mother would never stoop to such depravity. Sadly, those are the only ones worth fucking.

you are some dumb. nevermind DON'T try to blackmail her.

I mean it definitely does feel too good to be true

I fucked my bullies mom and then told her to punish her son by making him our cuckhold.

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Pic fucking her with timestamp would be god tier

Ooook buddy

Hot fantasy, would read and fap to again

I wasn't as direct, but I brought up how close we are and how it would be nice to be closer and truly experience everything with each other.
She shot me down, before I could tell her I wanted to have sex.

She could tell that's where you were angling?