In honor of veterans day, who wants to see more? Rate/wwyd

In honor of veterans day, who wants to see more? Rate/wwyd

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She hot. Face?

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Pussy close up? Gonna finish on her tonight

fuck shes sexy!!! are these all of her?

hot and fit, but if she reports for duty with those nails, shes going back home with a write up.

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how much of a slut was she?


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Meet off tinder. Fucked on our 2nd date and been fucking her since

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No. Just posting on here

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How was the sex?

Amazing. Little freak and she cums easily

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More please!

whats the sluttiest thing shes ever done?

Let me fuck her in a bar bathroom

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Beating her pussy up

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thats fucking hotttttt. you lift up her skirt and go to town on her or what?

Oof, go army yo! Moar

She was wearing this dress. She got on her knees at first and sucked me off. Then I bent her over the sink, filled her dress up and pull her panties down then continued to fuck her brains put until I cam in her

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goddam thats hot as fuckkkk. she moan like a good llittle whore for you???

Does whatever i tell her to

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thats the best kind of girl!!! got any other stories???

Anyone still here?

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Still lurking. Keep on posting

Im training her for a mmf. I use a dildo on her while she tries and focuses on jerking and sucking me off.

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fuck yes!!! hows that coming??? she taking to it pretty naturally??

Not really. Once i get the dildo in her she loses focus then have to pretty much shove my dick into her mouth

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She spit or swallow?

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More like drool

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im sure shell catch on eventually..... is she good at deep throating?

Bumping and lurking

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Got any cum on her face shot?

Anyone have more of her?

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Γαμω την Αλβανία

Γαμω τα Σkόπια

Those nipples are terrible


God damn whered you find her

Bump so i can save

Sorry shitty facebook tier bumping but worth keeping tbh.