Anyone up for a Ruth Thread (New Stuff)

Anyone up for a Ruth Thread (New Stuff)

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hell yeah gimme the sauce

I love this feline looking blonde

She used to be posted a lot, trying to revive her

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she's a hot bae for sure

What you want to see ?

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full body pics? I had saved a couple of her stuff

some guy was pretending it was her ex and posting stuff every few days, then he disappeared

Anyone saving now ? keeping her relevant

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I have all of these already, I even have a few webm if you're interested

You wont have this one :P

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indeed, thanks :]

I am OP haha so you saving and willing to share her again ?

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keep it rolling

sure thing, she got that pornstar body

Post Ruth in a thread or creat a thread for her and ill share info or whatever pics you want ?what do you want of her

this is literally that thread.


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nice trips user

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whoops I got a dupe

Know her bra size? Nice rack on her!

it will be much less of a hassle this way. OP pls add some more to my collection

vola dot org /r/12vv2b6j4

do you ever repost her

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I'm too lazy to post stuff, I just save

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but I made a vola server, dumo some of your stuff while we're at it

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so pretty

Hope to see her reposted

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