Why do you believe that Fox News is propaganda?

Why do you believe that Fox News is propaganda?
It's literally the only remotely conservative (and at times its not even that) cable news channel. The other channels are outright leftist programming and behave collectively.

With that said, I don't even like Fox News. Many of their hosts are stupid and cringy.

Every other national news station ran the Russia Conspiracy 24 hours a day for nearly 3 years and to what? To discover that there was nothing to the story? That's your state propaganda, idiots.

So why do you believe that Fox News is bad? Do you just repeat what the leftist media tells you to repeat or have you specific reasons?

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>>The other channels are outright leftist programming

Every other channel on the planet is leftist programming? Sounds like you have a head full of propaganda to me.

In other countries, they do not allow Fox News to be called "News" because of it's bias and misrepresentation of facts.

What alternative cable news program isn't leftist? Is there another conservative outlet? Do you believe that the other programs are centrist or outlets of objective journalism?

Because it doesnt conform with the narrative in which those states seek to push. If a state censors some media while allowing others, its because the tolerated media is literally state propaganda. Other nations do not enjoy the freedoms in which the American people take for granted.

News is just information. Stop listening to opinions you propagandized twit. Who, what, where, when, why and how. That’s news. Fox is just angry people bitching about one side of a story.

CNN is more bias and misrepresentation of facts.

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No we're talking about other similarly free countries. And if a non-partisan unaffiliated country that has no vested interest in either way labels it as "not actual news", then that's pretty well as damning as it gets

OP: To be clear, I believe that Fox News has played to role of gatekeeper for center-right politics for years. It tried to make the president in 2015 (they didn't like Trump at all) but failed only to adopt the view of the new Republican admin.

>non-partisan unaffiliated country
Its not non-partisan if it's limiting what it allows its constituent citizens to view. Thats a form of tyranny. Besides, American politics affects the world. One cannot be non-partisan.

Naw, CNN brings a person from both sides of an issue and let’s them try to talk over each other and the anchor. That’s about as center as this country gets right now. It’s worthless to listen to, though.

>OP doesn't watch Fox. OP doesn't like Fox.
Are you illiterate? The point of the post is to suggest that the other outlets are far far worse and are actually the boogieman many posters on Sup Forums make Fox out to be. Conservatives do not own the media. The left does.

Are you serious? CNN pretends to be non-partisan but is objectively leftist. They pushed the Russia conspiracy for 3 years without any evidence and you believe they are non-partisan?

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No. Facts just disagree with conservative propaganda. Hence why actual news is derided as being left, because conservatives always have had a problem with the truth. See also: evolution.

Guess what, it wasn’t a conspiracy. Roger Stone is about to learn that the hard way.

Are you completely retarded? CNN is as blatantly left as they come. Doesn't take a genius to realize this

I also don't care for Fox. Most mass media is all owned by the same handful of people and pedal the same narrative. Just under the guise of "partisan"

There isn't

Do your own research people. Don't believe a damn thing any mass media conglomerate says until you do your homework. I guarantee they all have their own agenda.

And remember, fuck you ABC.

Epstein didn't kill himself

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I believe it is bad because it lies to the public and promotes conspiratorial thinking. It is pure propaganda.

If it wasn’t for so many retards taking it seriously, I would think it was a parody of a propaganda news channel because it’s so overtly bad

What evidence do you have in favor of the russia conspiracy?

Do you realize you can dislike Fox News and CNN. Most cable newscast use sensationalism to take in views; generally for older people. It's not like you need to follow one or the other.

aaaand here comes the juvenile insults from the conservatives when they get butt hurt. Shocking.

Meh, word games and lawyering don't really change the fact that Fox is basically condemned by non-US media. If that doesn't mean anything to you then you've obviously made up your mind about it already.

Quoting a Fox News article to make this claim...

There’s a 448 page report documenting over 150 Russian contacts with the trump campaign. You should read it some time. The .pdf is easy to find.

And like I said, Roger Stone is about to face it head on.

So you acknowledge that most news outlets are objectively leftist? Why do you do you believe that leftism is factual? You're clearly a leftist so your opinion regarding Fox and conservatism is moot, but just curious. Also, knock it off with the evolution/conservativism meme. Leftists dont understand evolution either. People, left or right, are scientifically ignorant.


>lies to the public and conspiratorial thinking
FOR EXAMPLE? The other outlets are magnitudes worse than what everyone makes Fox news out to be. Fox is the ONLY cable outlet that is conservative.

Why do you place more faith in the opinion of state which are not you own, presumably? You shouldn't care what the Canadian government believes for example. Other countries do not have the right to free speech.

assuming i'm conservative cause I don't agree with you. why should i be surprised

Mueller said there wasn't enough evidence to convict Trump of any crime. Why do you think the media has moved on from their story which they played 24 hours a day for nearly 3 years?

Well, I am Canadian by birth so yea, I'm going to look to there for some of my news. But regardless, if most countries are saying something, that should tip people off that maybe they're onto something.

What charges have been brought to Roger Stone, on what evidence do these charges rest, and how exactly is Roger Stone a lynchpin within the Trump admin/campaign?

I acknowledge facts don’t support right wing views. Journalism with integrity reports facts. You can spin that in whatever way works for your narrow view.

Liberalism isn't leftist you fucking retard. Both Fox and CNN are propoganda for their respective party. God damn I hate Americans

>Why do you do you believe that leftism is factual?
Because the left has more fact on its side whereas Fox News has more falsehoods than any single Left leaning network.

You retards still think Obama took away all the jobs and Trump brought them back. I won't argue with that stupidity of that magnitude.

You throw around childish insults like one. If it walks like a duck.

Of what signifcance is this? A presidential campaign cannot communicate with other nations? Its not illegal and all prominent campaigns do this.

finally somebody gets it. I am American and I fucking hate Americans too

This line of thought isn't evidence based. Its based on the political agenda of other nations. You're not arguing based on something Fox said. Your argument is that "my country said it is a lie, so it is a lie."

For example

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"A presidential campaign cannot communicate with other nations?"

As traitor manafort funnels election data to Russian intelligence so they can coordinate their election interference activities.

More brainwashed propaganda spewing from your head.

You are right, not enough evidence to bring charges against him. That is far from saying it was a hoax or conspiracy. There were plenty of indictments and Roger Stone is just now going on trial. Flynn and Gates have yet to be sentenced. It’s just absurd to say there was nothing there.

You really don’t get out of your bubble much, eh? Do your homework.

The other outlets are not liberal. They explicitly seek to remove alternative speech. They are objectively leftist.

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Not at all. What I said was that my news sources have been shown to be reliable so when they say something I tend to believe them.

>Because the left has more fact on its side

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And Fox News went on about death panels for years too. Come on, I’m not defending CNN, they suck. But they are like a skid mark in your underwear compared to Fox News’ outhouse of misinformation and propaganda.

All the "news" are owned by the same companies at the top. They are handed the EXACT SAME SCRIPT. I mean half of their program is identical, word for word. Only the local stuff is different for obvious reasons. Just watch as they read off the SAME LINES.


>their election interference activities.
What do you mean by this?

CNN is moderate, not left.

dude being against racism doesn't mean you're a "leftist" you brain washed faggot. CNN is liberal, liberals hate Leftists. Leftism doesn't = being against racism, homophobia etc

Leftism = being against Capitalism, fascism, etc.

Liberalism is PRO Capitalist. The Clintons literally armed contra fighters in Central America to kill Communists.

It was targeting data.

"But from March to August 2016, when Mr. Manafort worked for the Trump campaign, Russia was engaged in a full-fledged operation using social media, stolen emails and other tactics to boost Mr. Trump, attack Mrs. Clinton and play on divisive issues such as race and guns. Polling data could conceivably have helped Russia hone those messages and target audiences to help swing votes to Mr. Trump."

I believe you mean alternative facts.

What is a "death panel"?
You do know that in nations where the state runs the health industry, they are heavily limited by supply of care and product. In order to alleviate this, they literally, yes literally, have committees which determine whether or not someone is worth pursuing a procedure which may or may not save, or prolong, their lives. If the council determines that the cost outweighs the benefit of the procedure, then they will not condone it. If they believe that someone else is more valuable and also needs the procedure, they will prioritize that individual and subsequently deny the other.

Local TV isn't safe anymore. See Sinclair Broadcast Group

A death panel is a company board who sit in rooms deciding they're not funneling enough profit to investors, so they hike the price of insulin to $800.

You haven’t been involved in politics for very long, huh? How old were you in 2010?

>Russia was engaged in a full-fledged operation
The 100,000 dollar Facebook adds that favored and attacked both candidates. Conveniently ignored that fact.
>stolen emails
The wikileaks emails that were phished and copied from inside the campaign by non-Russian actors? Also the emails that revealed that the democrats literally desiminate talking points to the media. Do you, as an American voter presumably, not want to know this?
>other tactics to boost Mr. Trump
"No need to mention them but believe me they do it"

It’s funny because it’s true.

That has nothing to do with the post above.

Not an argument. This is what socialist healthcare has to logically do in order to ration care.

That wasn’t an answer.

You asked what a death panel was. It has everything to do with it.

here's the results, among others



You don't have an answer. You just repeat nonsense in the face of a claim which conflicts with your sensitive world view.
Rationing is the natural outcome from government intervention within any market. It is the consequence which derives from price ceilings. Firms must reduce supply if they cannot sell a product at market value. On top of that, government anything is slow and inefficient which further exacerbates the prior issue. This is basic stuff, man.

Who cares anymore? The average voter gets their info from facebook now anyway. Journalism doesn't matter, none of this matters...

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That's call a "what-aboutism". You didn't attempt to disprove the claim relevant to the topic at hand. Your post is a red herring.

You didn’t ask a question, I did. How old were you in 2010?

Lol. No, you attempted to divert the definition of a death panel to reflect poorly on an economic system you wanted to strawman. It's not whataboutism at all, it's an acknowledgement that there's multiple forms of death panels and we have our own that's up to some pretty terrible shit right now.

Nice example. Fox news also lies through its teeth.
>The president said he’s going to bring in 250,000 refugees into this country.
Lol no, never happened. The highest number ever put forward by anyone was 10,000.

That implies there is anything factual about claiming that John Podesta's password was password. Or that Merrick Garland voted to keep guns away from citizens. Or that the well referenced fact that 90% of Americans support SOME increase in background checks for form ownership is in fact a debunked fragile statistic.

They're not alternative facts, they're non-facts.

Well there's actually two different divisions in fox news. News and opinion. The fox news is fine, but opinion is ass backwards and comical. But then again fox news opinion is for fake Republicans bubble society. Same with MSNBC and cnn but atleast the opinion part of cnn actually employs strong conservative people and view points for a fair and balanced discussion.

But at fox opinion it's trump has a big dick and is the second coming of jebus.... even thought he not a Christian nor moral pseudo human. Trump and Reagan Republicans is why more people quit and became independents.

Are you going to answer my question?

Honestly, what?

So socialized healthcare does have death panels by your definition? The discussion was around the claim that Fox News lied that death panels exist in a socialized healthcare system. Do you still believe that Fox News lied about death panels then?

russia today you mong. kys you fuckfailure

Yes, fox lied. The ACA has been around for almost a decade, please provide a citation of death panels under this system. Because that’s what faux was ranting about. I think it’s clear that you were still watching Nickelodeon when Palin was touting that dumb bullshit.

>Kys over a news station
Yeah, see this is why mankind is trash. How juvenile. Get a life. Not even the user you were talking to


All major news companies spew propaganda.

>outright leftist programming

When you finally turn 14 you'll come to realise that slightly centre left or right isn't hurrdurr leftism. I imagine this will be difficult for you, but make the effort to comprehend that starting from a hugely biased position makes you look incredibly stupid

Those are all honest to god things Fox News hosts have claimed as facts. Literally all of them are false. The password could not have been password because that doesn't meet minimum password requirements for the service Podesta used. Merrick Garland was not involved in the voting on Parker v District of Columbia, the precursor to Heller. And literally dozens of publicly available datasets show that 90% is right on the money for people wanting expanded background checks.

So Fox News lies. A lot.

Oh, it was fox. That makes sense why it made no sense.

Russia today isn't cable you illiterate idiot.

The reality is, we have a bunch of 20 something incels storming around with political opinions who haven’t gotten their first pubes yet.

And by political opinions, you mean a bunch of hilariously biased nonsense they've been spoonfed and ingested without thinking



>implying an insurance company wouldn't gladly do this to you if you accidentally spelled your name "Donald Ttump" on your paperwork.

I feel like this belongs here.

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because its controlled opposition
its leftist propaganda, like all media

Orange man bad

Not even close to accurate. Here's a distribution based on an actual survey by Pew Research

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That’s a Neanderthal way of putting it, but yea... facts support that trump is corrupt, inept and unstable. Or in simplistic terms even a hillbilly can understand “bad”.

What major news source is farther left than CNN? At least on cable, since Vox is admittedly a bit worse.

So... these are respondents opinions... not an analysis of content... apples and oranges, user.

You may need to do some homework to answer that question.

Ok doomer

That's not an analysis of content, it's someone putting their prejudice on an arc. The Pew graph is actually based on something.

That's me buddy. Doomer all the way. You got a cigarette and some whiskey?