Going through my pictures and finding random silly shit from Sup Forums, what do you have?

Going through my pictures and finding random silly shit from Sup Forums, what do you have?

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another one i have

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Is that supposed to be funny? I don't get it.

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read that first

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Totes worth it, bro

was not dissapointed

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0/10. Should have zoomed out to Goatse.

Ok boomer

ITT: I have no actual sense of humor, so I just collect and post random and call it good.

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There's so many pictures, it's gonna take a crane to get it out.

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this is probably my favorite gif right now

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Ah yes, Safri Duo - Played Alive. A classic

>it's gonna take a crane to get it out.
i loved that thread

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I have literally got an entire folder just for inexplicable shit from Sup Forums.

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Yes! I know this place!

Sadly hurricane Irma took down that original sign

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That time when Shrek was life, Shrek was love XD

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>Safri Duo - Played Alive


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Dont have much, op.(old puter died) I'll try to help.

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i'll be posting some of my stuff

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>Questions German intelligence and specifically their engineering expertise.

All the wooden doors were replaced with airtight doors by 1942.

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Brock from Pokemon would be proud, true Japanese doughnuts.

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holy shit I haven't seen this picture in years op but I was thinking about it just the other day
have this in return

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almost good digits dang

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Heres a classic.

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happy tree friends? Yikes.

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top notch

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I miss being able to upload multiple pictures

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When was that even possible?

it was a feature on The Other Chan

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When it took a crane to get it out.
I'm only about 60% of all uploads, some of ya;ll got fire too.

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