Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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fuck her ass


Nibble her neck and leave a hickey


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Breed her

choke her out with my dick.

Fart all over her fucking boobs and push super hard so i shart and poo sprinkles on her glasses and forehead

bend her over a counter pull her sweatpants to her ankles and go to town


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Bend her over, bury my dick deep into her and stroke her clit.Got more?

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nice! leave the heels on? Would you fuk her ass?

doing private and detailed wwyds on kik
must include face and name
if i dont find her attractive, i wont respond.

gunna need the heels for the height
and depends if she's fine with spit for lube

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damn hot

you could eat that ass and get it wet! Also pop dem titties out


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I'd tell her congratulations on killing the Night King.