College virgin here; which major has the sluttiest girls?

College virgin here; which major has the sluttiest girls?

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That's kinda what I thought. Where do I go to find them when they're dtf?

Doesn't have to be nursing majors; can be any major, although I would prefer music majors, to keep some common ground between the two of us

either nursing or law, especially women lawyers

Girls are clowns, that is why they paint their faces.

Nah nursing girls are dry. Go for business majors. If they want to fuck they’ll let you know right away and get straight to the point.

Pre-med/dental/pharmacy. Nursing, biology, chem majors. Trust me they come like moths to a flame


The Cocaine and alcohol major

sorority major

>sorority major
Sororities aren't majors, retard

This is the closest I have

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OP this you?

this. president of a frat here can confirm

Guess we agree it's not music majors...
Meaning I'm gonna have to look outside my major's department. Shit.

Dubs truth

I wish I could say yes. Wouldn't put me in this "Which girls are the sluttiest?" situation, but instead, a "how do I get guys to fuck me?" situation

join a frat and you'll never run out of pussy

lol just ask them if they want to have sex

4 years into undergrad too late to join a frat?

Would that work if they're sober and/or if they already have a boyfriend?

what? mf? i though OP was female looking for males to fuck

yes no

last night a pal of mine asked a girl if she'd help him lose no nut november over snapchat and she said yes.

performance art majors, mostly dance and acting
only problem is they'll me2 you if you're not careful

>Question asking which major has the sluttiest girls
How did you not immediately imply I'm a dude looking for his first taste of poon? Was it me wishing I was born a girl so I wouldn't be stuck in the situation I am?

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>yes no
Yes when sober, no w/ boyfriend?

apologies. Are you introvert or extrovert? cuz its easy to pick up any girl at a party at uni

theater... not even close... and most of the guys are gay... you are welcome.

Makes it harder for me

same. I went to UNH. did a girl from the UK there with this trick. you could try going to a billiards area and play some pool, thats a good way to pick up chick

Bold of you to assume I stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons

This sounds like a set up for a rape charge