Whats the best way to die?

whats the best way to die?

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Quickly and unexpectedly, preferably doing something fun

Death by snu-snu

Old age.

Brain aneurysm. Just living life and bam. Can't do shit

Having a heart attack after fucking a seventeen-year-old when the daddy busts in

Soaked in the blood of your enemies.

"Can we take it? Yes we can!"

"Ohhh I don't know dora, that's a pretty big horse"

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>Old age.
slobbering with a shit tier body and a deteriorated mind. doesn't sound good.

Memorably, it's all you'll leave behind

How'd this goes?

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200ml of sodium pentobarbital.

In glorious battle

It's why I white knight 24/7. If I die from a cheetoh/mountain dew induced heart attack, I'll go straight to Valhalla and the Valkyrie who picks me up will have to take my V-card, it's the rules.

All these Mexicans taking all the good American jobs

I'm gonna need sauce on that.


Shot by a jealous husband at 104.

In battle. I have hard core anxiety when i think about passing away when my time has come, but envisioning fighting to the death gives me comfort.

die like a man. getting your testicles bitten off by bats

From being smothered by a Stacy's butt or Stacy's cleavage.


Slowly getting stabbed to death, might as well experience a brutal death while you still can

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>99 years old
>day before birthday
>while cumming in an 18 year old
>on top of a pile of money

are the crushed pelves worth it?

strapping a bomb to your chest and walking to a mosque/church/sports event/your moms house/democratic event/ republican event/ concert/Starbucks/train station/police department/ and sacrificing yourself for literally no reason so some news station can build you a back story of how you are associated with terrorists or are mentally ill so you can die and have you 15 minutes... better to go out with a bang than a wiper. and whatever the news calls you ill obviously be more interesting than your actual boring failure of a life that makes you wish you could shoot yourself anyway...

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I couldn't decide if it's better to die during sex or to die in battle...

So I've settled on dying while trying to overpower some fierce Amazon women but failing and getting fucked to death.

i am the one who grabs the sun!

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knee deep in the entrails of your enemies

God damnit. You beat me to it.

Valkyries are all whores

Nay, death post snu-snu, peacefully asleep in your bed of silken sheets surrounded by the 30 gorgeous women who just gave you the best reverse gangbang of your entire life.

Blood for the blood God
Skulls for his throne

MDMA overdose or lsd injection to ensure fast peak.

Suicide by gun. I had no say about coming into this world, but I damn well have a vote in how I leave it. When things get too incredibly stupid, I'm gone.

Well I tried hanging my self but the knob broke but honestly that wasn't to bad. Saw a friend get sniped in the head. Looked quick so maybe that's good? Saw someone drown and burned alive. Big no go. Friend's father poisend his wife and that was awful. So no go. Maybe carbon monoxide would be best.

..... did you try to hang yourself from a fucking door you fucking failure

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