Waifu sorry for the wait

waifu sorry for the wait

featuring Hirasawa Yui and Co.

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youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
because its a boring and obvious answer
ooooh, i see. well id throw up some suggestions but i dont really play any games with other people, sorry to say

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Shit show, waifu and poster. Worse the Haruhifags

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Ai-chan claimed.

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thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
so you're white?
Ai-chan used to be my waifu, once upon a time.

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She needs her butt sniffed!

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hello there
youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
yeah, mostly polish if i remember correctly, but i only asked once over 10 years ago, so i might be misremembering

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A different Ai-chan?

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i keep forgetting about thread after i boop you

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thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
oooh, cool! sorry for assuming you were black
uhh... the vtuber one.

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it's alright

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Hmhm, sounds like a decent weekend then, any plans for the coming week?~~

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do you like candy? i'm not a big fan myself
ding ding ding da doo
yeah, decent i guess.
uhhh... play video games with friends... go to school

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is it gettin real cold up there yet?

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I'm not familiar with her then.

Sorry I didn't reply to you comrade, I needed to go to the store.

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Sounds fun, waddya playing?~

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oh, alright... i don't know if i should shill for her.
uhhh.. nothing right now. technically, i'm messing around with an old RPG i made in Batch a long time ago. that's fun!

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im not a big fan either but it's good i guess
the usual.
looks like snow is gonna stay from now on and we're expecting a bunch this week.

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I'm back

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That's alright, I mostly play single player games too, not a big fan of multiplayer.

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I don't think telling me who she is is shilling.

Hi, Back.

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youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
its alright, i still cant prove it either way
how are you doing today?
welcome back!
ah well, hope you have a fun time and a nice rest of your day :)

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I'm fan of multiplayer cooperative games.
Love single players too.
But I like playing with friends.

Multiplayer PvP games are okay too. But only if it's games like Tf2 where teamwork is more valuable over individual kills.

Miku is my wayfu. There when I need her.

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yeah... sweet things are a nice treat. did you have anything sweet today? i had some cake and ice cream and stuff.
ah... you're right.
she's a Vtuber like Tsugu except more mainstream. she wears pink and is in memes.
thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
it's fine, i don't need proof.
ding ding ding ding ding da doo

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we supposed to be gettin an arctic blast down here next week, low temps and chance for snow, fun stuff

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Hi back
I see that you're a master of comedy as well
Thanks, you too!

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Downloaded COD because my friends, I got it for free. So why not?
You say you're not a thot bot, but you post that picture. I like it though.
Hello! Went to go see my grandmother earlier.
She also collaborated with Azur Lane.

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doing alright and you?
hmmm no nothing sweet today for me
good luck.
i hope people dont forget how to drive there too

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I think I may know what you mean now.


You're the thot here.

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probably will, but i dont drive so not a problem for me

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youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
i literally cannot provide it conclusively, so id hope so
i see, i hope you had a nice time :)
im good, been playing borderlands 3 all day. unfortunately i work early tomorrow so ill have to cut it shorter than id like tonight, that still leaves me a few hours though so i cant really complain

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Hmhm? So you make things too? Neaaaat,

Comrade!!~ How's you? an more importantly, what COD we talking about?~

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you should it's fun
well at least you'll finish early tomorrow and have more time then?

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You and Hitler are some regular jokers.
It was good to see her, haven't visited in a while.
Hello! I'm Good, just got back. Modern Warfare or whatever the new one is called. I don't really care for it, but my friends play so I downloaded it.

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ah, alright, no worries. sweet things are unhealthy for you
yes, do you?
thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
it's fine, i really don't need proof.
yes, i, like many other human beings, make things.

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i disagree, always found it boring, thats why i dont do it

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that is very true. should be a pretty quick day, too.
thats nice :)
i should visit my grandma too. i see her every once in a while but i havent actually visited in forever.
youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)

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Well, life is a joke.
Are you propositioning me or something?

Sort of. I think I have an idea of what you mean.

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---> komi claimed

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Wanna mar-.... play with me sometime?~~~

Guess I am not a human being then :^)

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Yeah, I don't really play multiplayer alone, not that interested in it. If it's with friends then yeah, otherwise a big pass for me.
I wish I had Hitler with me.
I get games for free too.
Tell us another joke.
Hitler had a great sense of humour.

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I wasn't playing the game when she came out, I missed her unfortunately.
She looks better than when I last seen her, health wise. Not sure if you feel the same, but seeing her brightens up my day.
Something, something clown world.
Yes, I'm proposing we smash. As in I'm going kick your ass with Lucina.
Bold proposition. What are the benefits?
No need to flex getting your games for free. He may have had a great sense of humour, but hhe had an odd looking mustache.

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I can't make jokes out of nowhere.

Not a chance. I'll Smash you like you've never been smashed before.

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You get to see me suck whilst sucking yourself?~ and ehh idk? Whatever else you want?~

Hey hey Ump!

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>you get to see me suck whilst sucking yourself
lewd junko

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thats great! glad to hear it :)
well, i just feel like i should. im sure it would make her feel better, thats for sure

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Does Robin still talk about tipping the scales?
Either way, I'll play Lucina, no matter how good or bad she might be.
Sounds fun, still downloading it though. Friends are X-box only, unless their playing league.
Thanks, she was enjoying some enchiladas, she hasn't had them in a while. Hope you enjoy your next with your grandma.
Piercing eyes.

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komi san is nothing more than a gentle soul

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I only play with controller anyways on pc in COD. And thanks to crossplay, I could play with ya no matter the platform~. Buuuuut we can talk more about jt tomorrow. I slep now, whilst looking forward to the shitshow that could be had with you in cod~

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She does. And Robin got buffed in the last update. Lucina is top tier.
I may have to use Terry against you. Gotta get you with my po er geyser when you aren't ready for it.

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I get free games, look at me flexing.
His moustache was classy what are you on about?
Try your best, believe in yourself.

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Men i miss the other animeish thread :c
Its never up when i check this board

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Of course, we must hunt down those who would wish her harm.
Didn't know about crossplay, anyway, goodnight.
Don't count on it. No way I'll lose while playing as the best girl.
I prefer his brother, Charlie Chaplin. I always thought the stache looked goofy.
Are you talking about the Aki threads?

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I got nothing.

I'm the Robin player though.

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>Are you talking about the Aki threads?

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who would want to harm komi san? she's never hurt a fly

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That's fine, Lucina's is my favorite anyway. Robin's cool though.
It might be up in a hour or two.
Those with a foul and dark heart. And those who want to make lewds of her.

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Breathing is fun

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Give it a couple of hours


Lucina is super easy to play.
It's a shame you don't have a Switch, I'd love to Smash with you.

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don't lewd komi san!!
Very important indeed, they must be hunted down and punished

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Chaplin was a cool guy, but depressed.
That's quite alright.

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Smash looks like fun, never had the chance to play it though. No homo.
Exactly, she must be protected at all costs.
I just wanted to post Roon.
I think the Calradian empire will be my go to faction in Bannerlord. Need to beat back the barbarian menace.

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Yeah, it is a lot of fun, especially with friends.

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that's what i said

Beating up b*rbarians is always fun. Remove b*rbarians cum!
Why does no one gamble in Africa? THERE ARE TOO MANY CHEETAHS THERE!

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What else do you play on the switch?
Time to watch some unbiased history.
>Remove b*rbarians cum!
Made me laugh.

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i win

Did he release another episode?
That was totally on purpose.

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That's a joke.

Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Legacy of the Duelist, and a few other games.

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thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
she cute
oh, sorry..

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youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
its okay
the borderlands 3 story was pretty underwhelming.

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thank you!
thank you!
thank very you, fren (:
okay... sorry
that's a shame. perhaps the main attraction was its coop

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Not yet, sadly. Where did you hear about him?
You should let the heart of the cards guide you.

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Thanks. I got more.
I got his video in recommended, looked chan-tier autistic so I clicked on it.

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I let the brokenness of Cyber Dragon Infinity guide me.

That's a shame.

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Junko enoshima!

youre welcome!
youre welcome!
youre very welcome, fren :)
its okay
i can assure you the main attraction is shooting and looting and the post-game stuff, which is pretty darn good.

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Lovin' this one a whole lot.
How is everyone doing tonight?

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