Why is BBC so popular nowadays?

Why is BBC so popular nowadays?

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Bad parenting and liberal media.

Look at that webm. That's why.

Many reasons. All of them are forced. For instance in /gif/ are redditors

You’re posting on a board that has daily threads about eating logs of shit. It’s a meme. Other than niggers going “muh dick” all day like the apes they are, big dick is big dick and it’s always been popular.

I know this is going to hurt to hear, but it isn't the Jew, well many Jews are smut peddlers, but it isn't a global zionist conspiracy. People fetishize negative feelings as a coping method.

Most whites, outwardly racist or not have a fear of black people, a hatred of them, or are otherwise made uncomfortable by black people.

Second, almost every man fears being cucked or feels wronged by a woman or women in general.

The brain manages these negative emotions by attaching them to sexuality.


>it’s a meme
This. The average nigger dick is like 5.9 inches, same as everyone else.

most people get excited for the future

internalized racism and misogyny manifested as sexual fetishism. If I hate niggers and women seeing women get fucked by niggers is degrading and turns me on.

i didn't realise Freud was resurrected


A lot of jews hate whites, and the porn industry is overwhelmingly jewish.

Their is likely an element of racial hatred involved coming from them

you're all white, whitey.


Because Jews made women disgusting, op.

With how? Besides you?

Because Sup Forums has to get off to something, if it confirms that they're really the victim getting cucked by the minorities, all the better
Its never the well adjusted moderates who love that shit unless they're black. It's always either the neo Nazis jerking off to lolis or the reparation fucks who wear chains for BLM who like watching that stuff
Also probably because they're more blacks and Africans are getting more access to the internet

Its Not, just among tiny penis shitposters

how could you not get turned on by bbc?

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Because of that nigger loving cock smoking faggot Abraham Lincoln and the wrong side won wwII

don't worry, it's just a meme that will eventually evolve into something else or just die.
i've seen blacks with small pp and big pp
i've seen whites with small pp and big pp
i've seen mexicans with small pp and big pp
and i've seen asians with small and pp slightly normal sized pp, (sorry, i'm telling the truth, haven't a "big" asian pp yet)

You've seen a lot of pp


you've been saying that since Woodstock

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weirdly wholesome post

Fuuuuck I want to do this so bad. Just lying on the bed with bbc pounding my gfs pussy with no end in sight!

because it has been heavily promoted...

I used to hate it but it is kind of cool to start off with it - the sites that do it invariably use some of the hottest girls in porn - I don't even pay for subscriptions but find them on dodgy free sites and porn tubes... take a look at the blacked etc.. vids, see the name of the girl and then find more stuff with her in. Invariably they'll have POV vids, a DPs, gangbangs etc...

the BBC stuff is kinda cool because if they'll do that then they're total sluts - same deal with chicks who'll fuck old guys or chicks who will suck multiple strangers in gloryholes, or that fat bloke who does heavies on hotties... essentially they'll fuck someone less than a muscular, white male pornstar - ergo they're slutty as fuck which can be quite hot...

I won't get off on BBC porn etc.. (likewise gloryhole, gangbang, old guys etc..) doesn't do it for me - need a POV vid with a white dick/normal white person filming - the other stuff is just a good intro to the "slut" you're fapping to.

forgot to add lesbian porn - no interest in nutting to it but it is a good intro to the girl, like the other stuff - something a bit extra/slutty about her beyond solo girl or just fucking a normal guy.

Only nut to solo girl stuff or POV porn.

Sup Forumstards

theres a lot of projection here

Same reason Elves getting fucked by Orcs is popular its a degredation fetish.

They don't see blacks as people subconsciously and want to see a person get defiled its only like 1 step away from a bestiality fetish TBH

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>Why is BBC so popular nowadays?
White males becoming homosexuals or pale and weak, chasing popular trends.

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>something that actually happens is the same thing that never happens.


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honest answer: because the white supremacist internet autists fetishized it. They spend so much time focusing on their supposed arch enemy the black man that they become obsessed with the taboo they've created and end up secretly wishing for their wives/girlfriends/sisters to get blacked. You brought this upon yourselves by making girls think its 'naughty' - but I'm fairly certain that you wanted that all alone you bunch of cucks.

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They want to see something pure get defiled plane and simple.

An Elf get pulled off their pedastol and getting raped by a bunch of horny Orcs is hot to some people

If its a white girl getting pounded by a white dude its just normal,

A White girl getting Pounded by a horny niggers its degrading to the woman because she's allowing herself to be used.

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Have you seen black people and orcs in hentai?

They are almost indistinguishable.
The japanese are racist af

It's not a meme, it's paid advertising. Just like the shitty porn banners. No natural trolling/baiting, has a 4+ year lifespan, with the same images and same text.

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The arch enemy of whites, are jews. Blacks have zero bearing on the world besides entertainment.

cool beans

jews are white. very white.

>They want to see something pure get defiled plane and simple

i guess i don't understand this since i'm not into fantasy roleplay.
and a lot of those "pure" white girls are not actually pure, they are pornstars who get paid to have sex with many men (prostitution that suddenly becomes legal because they got it on camera). i couldn't think of anything dirtier or more detestable thing a woman can do.

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They wish. Which is plainly retarded since they choose to be their own racial group.

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thanks for this valuable and reasonable piece of information. i was wondering myself why i find it hot and have some kind of hat eagainst black people. Im jealous of how their are being represented and that makes me uncomfortable. I literally feel like, they seem as better lovers, have bigger dicks and are generally seen as cool and more desired. MOre athletic and all that shit. And its mostly the case here. I have some black friends and i want to switch place with them. Modern society is giving them a better and better place socially every day. Girls love them.
To cope, im sexualizing this.

Big thanks from someone who actually wants to understand these phenomenas and not simply drown in them

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well yeah, that's what porn is.. its just fantasy stuff...

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And now it's a gay thread

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not yet, but if you insist...

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This generation has nothing to live for.

Faggot generation rebelling against Boomer fathers by rejecting the notion of ever amounting to anything, even happy.


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shits been spammed on Sup Forums like this for over a decade

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Wish there was volume full pornhub link?

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what did you say? cant hear you so clear

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Gay thread

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it's always been a staple of porn

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Short answer: Jewish social engineering.

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who is she?

It's just a couple of insecure niggers with rich parents posting the same shit over and over...

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it's cheaper