Hey Sup Forums imma try to make my extra ratchet TikTok channel go big...

Hey Sup Forums imma try to make my extra ratchet TikTok channel go big. Add me on here and I’ll post nudes in this thread (one nude for every couple adds)


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How can I unsee what I just saw? Wtf is with the dog in the back

Nothing is wrong with my dog she’s just sitting there

Trailer trash stripper

Bro I’m not even a stripper. I work at twin peaks lol.


Slit your wrists on video and then I'll make an account just to add you.

Fuck you bro. Stop being an edge lord.

Better than being this attention whore piece of shit.

Tits then state your business whore

Follow me bitches. How is it none of you virgins have a TikTok in 2019?

It’s fiscal year 2020 for God’s sake. Jesus Christ fucking neckbeards piss me off.

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Nudes, then i'll add. Otherwise I don't want ratchet

First a sample

Bro’s I’m a pro. You first then me.

Why the fuck don’t you want ratchet?

Guys obvious fake trollbot is obvious


I guarantee the guy in that video is the one who posted this thread,
Not her.

Fuck you both im not a bot. I’m just a ho who’s trying to get TikTok famous


then give us one pic so that we know

What the hell am I even watching on that video?? Is this how women act because if so I’ll keep my virginity, thanks.

Why the fuck should I believe you? At least post some kind of sample tease or something to validate you aren’t larping

My TikTok vids are literally what you’re describing here dude. What do you want to see specifically

Something that looks like you just took it and not ripped from facebook


Which one of you assholes is this

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Probably the one that just said they followed you

Something like tits and timestamp or gtfo?

What’s wrong with this girls eyes in the first part of the video? Is this meth or PCP or something?


IN THIS THREAD: OP is a larping fag

This is disturbing. Are we watching reverse domestic violence?

Did nobody read the “extra ratchet” part of the OP? What’d you expect