National socialism is the only way to save the white race from our Jewish oligarchs

National socialism is the only way to save the white race from our Jewish oligarchs.

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>Past successes and iq tests prove which races are superior
>Jews are the most successful race and have the best iq tests that's why they are evil

>the best iq tests
anyway, wrong.
The best results are from pentecostal whites.

Ah, so their intellect makes them sneaky and conniving huh?

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>statist bootlickers
No u

All branches of socialism are evil.

Dont worry you'd never be allowed in the ethnostate

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Did Ben Shapiro tell you that?

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Just out of curiosity, I'm partially Jewish, but my other ethnicities are French and English. Would I be killed if there's a Holocaust 2.0? It's less than 1/4 but I still have Jewish facial features

Hopefully yes.

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Also the holohoax was largely blown out of proportion.


I'm well aware of that, but I imagine the second time around would be much more thorough in dealing with jews

Where’s our Nuremberg conference going to be user?

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I support fascism for every race and every nation. Opposition to organized Jewry in the United States and Europe is anti-colonial in nature.
Consult the Nuremberg Laws. Of course, opinions vary among nationalists, but those seem to be fairly standard.

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Unfortunately most Natsoc's seem to see it black and white, regardless of the individual's ideas and lifestyle. I myself would be a natsoc if it weren't for their beliefs on the Jews

>most succesfull
>kicked out from every nation theyve been in for 1000+ years

Sorry bro, Mamzers get it too.
If it consoles you most brown people in the west will too

You can still be NatSoc if youre not white, since National Socialism is about putting your people first, kind of what says

Now, WHITE Nationalism is putting white ideas first, so if youre a nonwhite and youre in a white nation youd get kicked out

Quads of truth

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But putting my people first would make me just as bad as them, I acknowledge the fact that Jews have key roles in the destruction of Western tradition and culture. Idk man I guess it just fuckin sucks being born into Jewish ancestry

Being mixed race in general sucks hard. If you really are less than a quarter kike then you wouldnt be allowed into Israel, and the prowhite guys will have issues with you being a Mamzer. I think mixed race people just gotta do what feels right, regardless of our place in the aftermath of the conflict

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Out of curiosity are you American. If so which party do you favor and if independent who did you support in the last 4 presidential election's

Clinton vs Trump
Obama vs Romney
Obama vs McCain
Bush vs Kerry

You could just be upfront about your Jewish heritage but say you're on board with white people. People will always be suspicious, especially racialists, but people will be suspicious of anything.

The smart thing, speaking from the fascist camp, is to be opposed to Jewry but not individual Jews. I want to break Jewry's power in the West. I know that some Jews are good people, but consider that as a community they exercise a pernicious influence on my country and on others. Therefore, that influence must be stopped.

If voting mattered, they wouldn't let us do it.

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>owns almost every bank, tech company, and media empire in North America and Western Europe

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>Locks up grandmas because their afraid of a merchant meme

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Thanks for the advice

Anytime, friend. Remember that even Hitler, anti-Semite extraordinaire, could let himself be guarded by a Mischling.
It's about groups and peoples, not individuals. And you're barely a Jew according to the Nazis anyway.

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