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what you smoking, b was always for porn



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Kill yourself.
>thread reported for spamming

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Would read regular porn, but don't have tree-fifty

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>thread reported for spamming
Where is that spam you're talking about?
The only spam I see is a "random" board wallpapered with closely related porn threats.

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While I agree with you in theory, this place would probably be even worse without the porn, honestly.

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The porn is not the problem
It's the smothering and suffocating of other threads that's the problem

>Move porn to their designated boards
>Allow only porn that has no home
>Don't allow 10 simultaneous dick rate, tribute and trap threads

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oh for Christ's sake

Shall we begin?

I'm so fucking sick of all the porn

There’s too much goddamn porn

The lolicons of Sup Forums approve of yellowposting.

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c'mon lads



i literally live for porn..

The dubs are strong.

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The civil war on B begins now

Yellow was historically the color attributed to the Jews during the Middle Ages. Just saying.


you have my blessing, but just so you know, persistent spamming of other breads will earn you a (temp) ban.
learned that one the hard way.

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ok nigger

>hate porn threads
>porn threads rule Sup Forums
>how do we combat this menace?
>decide on making a bunch of other threads
>because porn threads get constant bumps they are in no threat from the yellow threads
>yellow threads shove off non-porn threads, defeating the purpose
>if porn threads get 404ed then another one will just be made
the collective intelligence of Sup Forums

>instead of shitposting something in pornthreads or posting something entertaining he complains about people posting stuff he doesn't like in a shitthread because he's an huge faggot

your worse then what you claim to fight perfect Sup Forums material.

I mean I mostly come to Sup Forums to jerk off to good pron at /gif, saying that I really don't see a difference between gif and b atm besides gif has more actual porn videos. so I guess I agree there could be significantly less porn on /b why don't they go to /gif?

mods should be enforcing the rules
but they seem completely awol, until a law is broken or raids happen
inaction of mods leads to desperate acts of anons

> rules
>how do we combat this menace?
>decide on
>because gets constant support it is in no threat from the
> inconveniences innocent bystanders
>if gets defeated then another one will arise
the collective intelligence of humanity

I personally agree that porn threads should be on porn boards but just making more shitty threads with no reason won't do anything, take the war to the threads themselves, post the most boner killing shit you can find and tell them to move it to one of the several designated boards or you'll continue

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