Tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the USA

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the USA

I swear, if I hear anything from your eurofags other than "thank you for saving us from the Nazis and Communists" I'm gonna nuke your pitiful countries today...

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go to vietnam and say that again

God Bless the troops and our veterans

ok boomer

I am a veteran. Stopping hitler was a mistake

A sincere thank you to the handful of Americans still alive who are old enough to have had a part in defeating the Nazis.

*preventing Patton from rearming the Germans and crushing the Soviets was a mistake


You get it.
American rules the world now, not ze Germans. Thank god.

The jews still needed decimating

Ze Germans needed to be put in their place even more.

Ok coomer

The germans should have been subjugated then allowed to wipe out the jews and ruskies

Thank you American for sitting on your ass and not helping your allies untill pearl harbour

USA barely did shit in WWII. The fucking Russians saved Europe.

Commies first ?

Lend-Lease, motherfucker. We did help.

Tired of bailing out your euro-cucks, btw.

Sure why not
Now jews run America

veterans day,yet you elected a draft dodger as commander in chief of your armed forces

what a joke

Lol USA saved Western Europe from communism and should have let Patton keep going east.

You forget, in USA only the Democrats are disloyal to the troops. Repubs always get a free pass.

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Tankie alert

Imagine celebrating the end of a war you had no part in.

stalin was literally the last hope at stopping the jews

doesnt matter america wont exist soon unchecked immigration the death of the silent generation etc. is seeing to that

>t. literally retarded

Meant for
Not for

The only reason you helped is because it was an obvious threat for you as well, faggots

>Now jews run America
No, they don't.

Never understood why anyone thinks they do...

>your armed forces
And who is in charge of YOUR armed forces ?

We were isolationists, tired of European faggotry.
Then the Japs attacked. Then Hitler (stupidly) declared war on us. Then we took over the world.

You should have just left us alone...

>owns every form of business and banks
>uses American army for Israeli profit
>controls American broadcasting as a means to spread their propaganda and lies to justify said wars
It doesnt get much more controlled than that

We own Israel, not vice-versa.
Without our help, the Arabs would take it over.
In a weekend.
Smart jews know this.

Yes yes good goyim. That's why you have to work while Israelis get free college from American tax dollars

Thank you for nothing, from Poland. Thanks for all veterans for what They do.

The Israelis do what we tell them to do.

Blame the British for not defending your Pollack asses.
And thank Americans for freeing you from the Soviet commie yoke.

Yes keep telling yourself that and gi invade iran for us

Iran is gonna implode. Wait for it.

When exactly did you take over the world?

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1946. When the British gave up.

What does the brits giving up have anything to do with you taking over the world?

What is the best city in the United States, for someone who hates the Army, hates soldiers, hates air force, hates the Navy and hates everything related to War and the fucking army?

Someone had to fill the void. Would you rather it have been the Russians ?