Tribute thread part 4

Tribute thread part 4

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Merry Christmas user

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Pls i missed u earlier

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Dressed to impress

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Hey... that's the pic I post!
That's awesome. Glad you like her.

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will post nudes for tribs

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Lol I’ll make this fun. Whoever gets this question right first I’ll do their next tribute (nothing boner killing or illegal)

Have I ever done anal?

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tribbing on kik thecageyb
no limits as long as i find them attractive
name/face/nudes are a bonus

Given or taken?

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No ur too big to fit in the butt lol

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looking to chat about them on kik.


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Nah man

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You are correct that’s what all of the girls I’ve said sadly I haven’t done anal but interested in

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Next one, whoever answers right first gets the next tribute done quick.

What age did I lose my virginity?

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I wanna say 15

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gonna guess 14

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Trick question. Still a virgin.

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So far no one has said the right answer

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Let's see it.

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Shit man your penis is small want me help you give some exercising tips.

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Love her!
I save everything I find of her.


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Getting colder

She loves it rough.

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games are fun, you rock bbc user