You still wonder why they prefer us?

You still wonder why they prefer us?

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Horrible shop

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So they put fake dicks on the niggers?

absolutely in almost every picture/video

Who prefers you ?? What am i wondering???

Here's the original

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You know that biohazard symbol typically means they have AIDS or some other super fatal disease, right?

Is there video of them doing a scene?

Is there video of them doing scene? Name?

AIDS ain’t fatal dumb fuck

No clue, just found these pics

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Us? But you're white....

nope it's just a cringy tattoo

Freddie Mercury says otherwise.

Freddie Mercury didn't die of aids, he just got a hold of a bad piece of meat.

Who's the tall glass of caramel to the left?

> (((white))) clover&top

>He's never heard of gifters or bug chasers

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Soo...he was behind that

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Sounds like insecurity.

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Her name is Katya Clover