Since tommorow is veterans day...

since tommorow is veterans day,why havent americans questioned why all of the seal team 6 members of the raid on bin laden ended up dead

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they just love throwing those bodies into the ocean lol

Ended up dead...
Here's the thing
If they had a (alive status)
Allegedly terrorist could revenge kill them
So their status is dead, but if they are dead hm... use your head.

i am using my head,im just curious as to how every member of that raid ended up dead(i could be wrong on this,but im pretty sure that was brought out into the public once)and nobody questions it


your missing the point here

People die and it was a long time ago?

so is this guy probably

either way,did they not have marine raiders back then? why specifically choose seal team 6 when the marines are probably better suited as special forces for the job

Obviously Bin Laden yelled out something like "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams!"

If I’m not mistaken it was not the members from the raid just the team members of seal team six in general.

not that long ago zoomer

but go ahead and continue being a sheep,this is what the us goverment wants

what do you mean team members? obviously the entire seal team 6 unit didnt die.i thought it was specifically just the people who did the raid on bin laden

kk doomer

No the same unit seal team six got killed not the ones who raided bin laden. It’s like saying the marines got killed.

From a news report..
None of the operators killed in the Afghan helicopter crash had been involved in that mission, officials said

Soo...he was behind that

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whatever,you sound like a retard.maybe you should realize what the fuck im talking about before you continue to seem like an idiot

regardless,donald trump is as big of a piece of shit as obama was in terms of the military.obama took credit for bin laden,trump takes credit for the ISIS leader.republicans only bother to complain about obama

nice source there buddy,we all know trump supporters hate the news media regardless if what they are reporting is true or not

then again,why should i bother paying attention to people's opinions of the us military who support a draft dodger

this is the irony of what tommorow in america is going to be like.all these retard veterans who support trump choose to ignore the fact they voted for a draft dodger

The source is right here buddy.

Black Ops

Operation Neptune Spear probably won't be fully disclosed until the Seals in question are long dead.
They're not all dead anyway.

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either way,its still a slap in the face that obama took credit for it.but considering republicans wernt outraged when trump did the same with the ISIS leader,i guess the republican party is pretty shit now