Literally just a thread about nothing

Literally just a thread about nothing.
Nothing as in well, nothing i suppose.

This thread isn't meant to go anywhere, lead to some conclusion, or to elevate our councinessnes to some higher plane of existence.
So please don't mind the thread, it is just passing by.

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Fake and gay.

uh oh

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Please guys, i know, haha, thread about nothing.
Lets stop it from passing by, hehe.
But please, in the name of nothing, please stop.

Nothing is everything.

Nothing is nothing
Everything is everything except nothing

Nothing and nothing is something
Something and something is nothing

Nothing can only be something if nothing is something
But it isn't dude, nothing is quite clearly nothing
And something is clearly something

so nothing can't be something or everything

I bought a new winter coat today.


Do you like it?

Wtf happened to b? Has it changed drastically from what it used to be? Or is it the same as ever?

Sup Forums was spread out in the media resulting all normies coming here and fucking it all up

it has been essentially the same since like 2012

Or has it?

from what i can remember, yes

it suits you like gloves on hands my nigga

So kind of you.

But how sure can you be? You’ve more than once forgotten what color underwear you were wearing.

because i remember all the porn and rekt threads pretty well my man

What color underwear you got on?

black my man

i have arrived at the conclusion that you are a gay nigger who has no understanding of human nature or the concept of a vacuum.

>op btfo