Boys this is it. I've been pushed too far. Im going to kill myself. And since Sup Forums is anonymous...

Boys this is it. I've been pushed too far. Im going to kill myself. And since Sup Forums is anonymous, I thought this place would be the best to announce it. Try to console me, call me a pussy or a faggot, or even give me ideas on how to kill myself without pain, drugs, or a firearm. This is the end. I've made up my mind, ive written my note, all i need to do is die now.

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Last chance to get pussy user, dont do it. If you do, well i guess an hero

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post ur ass and dick before u do it

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Been there done that. Not as great as it sounds.

If you've got an immediate death method already established, such as a gun, a sharp object, or even a pill, go alley-rape a girl in whatever way you want. Soon as you nut in her, blow your brains out or whatever. Leave the world with one last fun gift.

Or don't do any of that and painlessly kys via helium tank + bag on head, but if I were you I'd do the first.

seriously post hand with timestamp.
dont kill yourself, your going to miss landing on mars, who will really win 2020
the up coming war in the 2020s.
hyperfast internet.
full emmerition video games.
cyberpunk 2070
i am going to be homeless this xmas.
i am not going to end it.
and £10k in debt.

I live in a small town. I know all the girls personally. Not a single one id want to do that to.

I dont give a shit about any of that. My family has ruined everything for me.

Stream it on YouTube live

both my parents are dead and my uncle has disowned me.

whats your story?

Do have a gun?
What is available for you to an hero

Wish i could. I'm probably gonna tape down the button on a butane lighter, shove a bag over my head and go out like that.


Parents physically and mentally abused me my entire life. Been kicked out of the house 5 times, almost been murdered by gang members too many times to count.

No gun available. Posted earlier about my plan.

same i left the home at 16 and kept it that way.
how old are you now?

I refuse to disclose. Im kind of paranoid about internet safety, so i never let anything about me out.

Why not just run away and start a life on the road? Backpack your way through your country

Stop being a pussy and change your life. Get a plane ticket and fly to a different state or country and figure shit out. Don’t be a fuckin soft pussy

okay well i am 28.
trust me it will get better the older you get.

Im watched. Live in a small town surrounded by mountains and fields. Crazy family. I wouldn't be out for longer than a day. Might consider just going to my friends moms house though.

I can't handle it for that long man... This worlds chewed me up, spit me out, then stomped on me. I dont know what i did to deserve this.

I wish i could man. I really do.

neither do i.
this is my 3rd time its happend.
umm. if i do well ill probably get another 2.
its all totally random.
if you want user i can be there for you.

You can. You’re just being a lazy Pussy. You’re in control

have you tried not taken anything seriously its one of the only reason why am not in rehab and it might help you

What do you mean, friend?

you're about to kill yourself and you're worried about internet safety? thank god you are killing yourself

Ive tried everything. I used to have the worlds greatest therapist, but thats a long gone memory.

well i am based the UK i have no money so i cant pay my phone right now but if you want i can setup a proton mail.

Post your note

You aren't gonna kill yourself
"paranoid about internet safety" my ass.

When you gonna an hero?
What are gonna use?
Will you stream it?

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