What do you think of my Gfs feet? Want moar? Also general foot thread

What do you think of my Gfs feet? Want moar? Also general foot thread.

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Hi user,

A few points:

1. This is not your "gf". In all likelihood, this woman doesn't notice or care that you exist.

2. If she does know you, she's already figured out that you're a bit of a fucking loser.

3. Fuck off with this sad, attention-starved faggotry, you lonely masturbating embarrassment.

Thanks a bunch.


wtf is that, a worm?

she looks fat

You guys are just jealous. Fucking losers

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Do her feet smell?

Pork is bad for you OP

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Weird looking foot? Birth defect? Looks like a normal foot attached to a knee ...

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Are they more cheesy or vinegary? I don’t care what anyone says. I like those feet.

Show tits

Definitely more vinegary


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>claims its his gf
>she is clearly a fat goblin
You lose either way bro, cringe

Where is her ankle? She looks so fat that you can't see where the foot ends and leg begins.

show soles

Cute feet. Would love to see them wrapped around a cock

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I want to lick the soles of her feet and cum on them

that bitch has the ugliest feet

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what the fuck is wrong with her? your only way out of this with any chance of redemption is to post a pussy pick. that bitch has nasty feet. good try though

How to get footfag gf?

look at the leg hair, prob a dude
fckin gross

this,just seems like women's general attitude towards guys with foot fetish's are "eww your a creep"instead of accepting it

even though these bitches wear flip flops in the summer time and get pedicures every other week so they keep their feet sexy af