Why doesn't Sup Forums have feminist hate threads anymore?

Why doesn't Sup Forums have feminist hate threads anymore?
Don't tell me Sup Forums hates men now

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Fuckoff rapist

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Fuck off, you lonely masturbating incel reject


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Sup Forums is getting tired of that Sup Forums shit. Right now its all about the porn.

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>anybody who supports gender equality is a lonely incel reject rapist
Oh my, it's worse than I thought. Sup Forums really is run by misandrists now isn't it?

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Good riddance to another rape enabler

no u

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Fuck this guy, if he didn’t rape that poor girl then he will just rape someone else.
She was just trying to save another woman from being raped.
She’s actually a hero.

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So they should.

All those pics are shooped.
We all know this.
Stop being a rape enabler.

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All those comments were taken out of context you pedo rapist.


Sup Forums doesn't talk against feminism anymore because they consider traps to be women now.

Kek funny as fuck.
I hope those dumb fucks got their asses busted by bubba.

hahahahahaha fuck me this shit makes me laugh. If I was a chick this is the kind of shit I would be doing.

What’s wrong fagits I though b was all about ‘the lulz’?

the responses to this thread are making a strong argument for why we need to bring these threads back. Feminism is a cancerous hate-movement and the people must not forget.

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Lol imagine the dumb incel cunt getting btfo by the cops while all the chicks snigger at him. Fucken classic lulz. Classic b!

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Kek lonely masturabting incel white knight detect

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Kek yet if she makes a rape complaint against any of u incel faggots you’re fucked! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Fucken awesome makes me hard as fuck.
Fuck I hope

I agree.

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The beauty of that any of those women could say they felt threatened by him and punch him in the nuts as hard as they want kekkekkek
They’d get away with it and he would be fucked for life, fuck him hahahahahaha

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haha wouldn't that be terrible haha I really hope a cutie woman doesn't punch me in the nuts as hard as she can haha I sure would hate that hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!

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mmm yes very logic fine gentleman, good point mmm yes

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The school district settled the lawsuit by paying Wanetta and Wanda $1.5 million. Because she feared having to repay the money she received, Wanetta refused to repeat her story in court to exonerate Brian. Thankfully, the video did that work for her, and in 2012, Brian was cleared of all charges.

As for Wanetta, she ran through the $1.5 million she had, "buying cars, big screen TVs, and all sorts of things," as one neighbor recalled, and public records show she and her mother are in terrible debt — moving from place to place to try and stay ahead of debt collectors.

In June of 2013, she was ordered to pay the Long Beach Unified School District $2.6 million, but her whereabouts today are unknown, and we have trouble imagining she'll be able to come up with these funds.

Hahahahahaha what a baller! Bitch for the win!

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user, this is awesome. Most tards here won't get it tho.
t. Gen X.

Perhaps u should try it then fren? Hahahaha oh wait you’re too fat to get through your bedroom door anymore. Kek

thanks to the internet, the entire world is now fully aware that feminists are a combination of
>mentally ill

with no exceptions. with this in mind there's not much point really in arguing with them or even acknowledging them. it's like we're in the aftermath of the Wizard of Oz when it's revealed that this all powerful nemesis is really just a small dumb bitch

I hope those staff were fucken arrested for assault and rape.


>things feminists unironically believe

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FYI this applies even if the mother literally raped the father.

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>Neutral free Country

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they called the police to join in laughing at those land whales?

that's quite courteous. considering all the crap police have to deal with, being able to have a hearty laugh probably did them a world of good.

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Ok, Zoomer.

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>they called the police
kek, pic-related
>good, tell them we have donuts

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i hate women who act like their pussy is worth everything. at this point, pussy can be found anywhere if you try hard enough due to the popularity of whores. the market is oversaturated. women are effectively worthless now because of feminism, they don't do housework, they don't cook, they don't have kids, there's no reason to put up with them

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Name that book Fuckboi.

Fight the good fight user. I do what I can to spread the work IRL. Pisses my mom and sister off to no end, but I think that's because they legit can't come up with any responses to my points. I have an ex that is even more rabbit about it and she just rages at me. I recorded it once and played it back for her a week later, I was actually impressed to see a wave of shame wash over her face as she heard herself screaming at me as I calmly made my points.

I've passed the point where I've stopped caring. International Men's Day is on November 19th, I'll post some stuff about men's issues on Facebook for that. IDGAF anymore, I know that women like it when men pretend that life is perfect for us and men don't have problems but I stopped caring.
Fuck feminism for ever making me think that I had to be silent about men's issues. I honestly do support gender equality and it pisses me off how much feminism does to fight me on that.

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Just a reminder that modern feminism is a way to fund poor and broke stupid women.

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Oh cool, body shaming is back on the menu?! Dude, fuckin sweet.
Theres this landwhale pinkhair at the Culver's round the corner that I've been dyin to demonstrate my thin privilege to.

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Yeah.... I didn't think so. Fuckboi.

ummmmmmm sweatie? It's only okay to body-shame men okay?

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Never give up Sup Forumsro. Hey, I'm with you on the whole equal rights thing, but you and I both know that feminism is not about equality. Not anymore, and not for a long time. So make your points, and be even keel about it. It doesn't happen overnight or in just a few conversations. Think about it this way, it took feminism a few generations of constantly beating people over the head with their shit ideas to get to where we are now. Convincing people that modern feminism is nothing more than a blossoming fascism will take time as well.

oh god. that's fake but horrible anyway

Dah, shit. Too late, I've already come up with some really solid jabs to take at her as I give her my order. If only you had said something sooner.

this. We'll win eventually anons, feminism is already breaking.

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do the feminazis realize that by going this far out of whack, they're breeding misogyny? When men can't talk with women or interact with them without fear of being hatecrimed or called a rapist, there's no discourse. that foments hate.

Damn that’s well thought through !

as an egalitarian it's a shame too. When I talk to misogynists about gender equality a lot of them reject it because they think it's impossible, and that's because feminists have shut it down so much. A lot of men would be egalitarians if feminists didn't make them think egalitarianism was impossible.

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Even if they know that, it really doesn't matter. They are a movement to spread hate and chaos. They are bigots and hypocrites and willful liars when doing so suits them. The best things to do are cover your ass when meeting someone new and keep spreading the word with evidence showing these hate mongers for what they are. There are still more normal people out there than there are of these lunatics. Do everything you can to let normal people know they need to take a stand against these sick people.

And your pic reminds me of another point... Pick your battles.
That soy transport unit is too far gone to bother trying to save. No one will ever convince him otherwise and one day he will be just another cautionary tale when he is almost inevitably accused of some sexual misconduct and has his life destroyed.