AZ thread?

AZ thread?

Bonus points for 520.

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Holy shit. 520 is my place. What you got????

Some thots from ASU.

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520 ftw

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What HS did you go to?

anyone got Elle Mcneely? stripper from hi-liter


Went to UofA, from Michigan. Still live here tho.

Damn, I was hoping to see some sluts that curved me in HS. Haha class of 2010

Where'd you go to HS?


Anyways I'll keep posting.

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Please do
Shit I'll post my girl from 520 if I recognize any of them

Post that shit bro, I can't be the only one tossing stuff in.

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True, standby. Gotta move them from my old laptop haha


Everyone else creepin follow this brave man's example.

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Do you have her face?


These are her bro.

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Anyone know Sasha? Or Lauren?

One more

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What's Lauren's last name? Or atleast her last initial?

Formerly Lauren B. Don’t know now

Any pictures of her? I know of two Lauren's. Both are blondes. And I have dirt on one of them

What is last name of the Lauren’s you have? Start with letter B?

I dont remember TBH. That's why I was looking to see if it sounded familiar. The Lauren I know went to CGUH around 2020. She got fucked all over some desert parties

*2010. Sorry

Post it, nigga

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Dirt as in I know who she was fucking. She got ran through by some of my buddies. If it's the same girl

Anyone recognize??

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Anyone know a Daisy A from phoenix?

No, but tits?

I don’t know her but seen her posted a lot

Let's see her

Post face bruv

Got any of her set?

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Fuckin nice

Az server

Central Phx milf

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AZ bitches are stupid

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Sacaton special?


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Pussy or GTFO. Stolen from social media

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The dude's obsessed with her and only ever posts the same 3 nudes. No one cares anymore, user.

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TVHS sluts anyone?


That's more like it. But how did we know it's her?

Fucked her once. Dead fish

Got any nudes?

Same body type

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Sure you did

Skinny white girl? Real unique

She makes me diamonds

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See? Was that so hard?

Well if you know her and dont believe me, ask her about the time she spent with a guy in a jeep Cherokee out behind CAC.

Anyone got more of baylee?

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Kik or snap would love to know more ;)

Cars and coffee?


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And you post another shitty social media selfie. Good for you

Ask her.

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Her initials?


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So fucking boring. Why are you so obsessed with this skinny plain bitch?

Not much better in the thread Lmaooooo

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Haha ask. Her.


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I did she said she has no idea

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Good. That's good.

Lmao so spill, will post more for it

Haha she sips light beer, takes some massive bong rips and is a boring fuck. End of story

Y'all niggas boring af. Post some damn pics.

I did

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gg/Jwmm6jh has some more

Anyone know a Julie H from Casa Grande? Think she got married. Haven't seen her since High School, but I wanted to fuck her pretty bad

Fuckin Moar bro