Teacher thread

Teacher thread

I saw one the other night that had fire content. Post your pics, stories, or relevant content.

Pic related, teacher busted for sending nude pics.

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Anyone have Haeli Wey?


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Where from?

I am married to a high school teacher and often party with my wife's teacher friends. I can confirm that they are the biggest sluts. I suspected this when I was in high school but to witness it firsthand now, made my high school era thoughts of my teachers so much better.

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Nice OC?

need more

yes. Mrs. S

gorgeous and a nice ass

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Music teacher

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She can play my skin flute all day long

Hell yea, what a babe

shes making music in my ears

That's all I have for them, unfortunately

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that's aight brovski

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more please

this isnt a nice face...maybe in tel aviv

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her engagement pics were a nice find

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Jealous tranny detected

termo teacher at uni

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Worked at a school for 5 years. Can confirm A LOT of teachers are always horny. Why, because they ALWAYS want to go out drinking. It was good times.

what nice about it?
that fucking beek?
close up beady ass eyes?
that shit-eating grin?
rectangular square shaped head?
nothing nice about it...

any saddleback profs?

damn. i know how she got that job heh heh

vid of sister with teacher


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Fuck she is hot


don't have any

ill trigger your mums anal bitchboy

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I sent my teacher a dick pic on fb a few months ago

Also they are around a bunch of children that aren't theirs so their "HAVE KIDS NOW" biological buzzer is constantly going off

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>teach HS
>marry HS sweetheart
>have kid
>sex drops off
>husbands best friend starts flirting
>start fucking husbands best friend
>havent sexed husband in months
>get pregnant
>married to bull now

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How did that work out?


My language arts teacher in 8th grade had a nice ass would of love to fuck u ms Watson

for sure. we couldnt concentrate in class looking at that ass and tits. my friends even snaped a few pics. wish i had them

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How u get these

Any sluttier pics?

fuck, best by far.

I just found a good set online

I can't even imagine if this was my teacher

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kids teacher I hooked up with

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Long shot, but anyone remember Pamela Rodgers Turner? Any chance of getting some pictures of her?

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Getting better.
Post whatever you have

nude discord server, gg/4NMmFX7

thanks. her class were amog the best, so between that and the pervs, her classroom was always full. sadly se dosent have many public/good photos

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Nice tits

I'd love to see those big tits unleashed

Haeli Wey from Texas would be great. She was fucking hot!

not much

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Another one busted

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Anyone else find that teachers tend to be very submissive in the bedroom? I've fucked a couple, and both were way into being spanked, tied up and otherwise used.

friends mom was a teacher and after her divorce a huge slut too

discc 8nYePH

this is?

I went to school with her, she’s always been hot af.

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show ass

lol this angular recktangular pis of cardboard doesnt have any ass

Florida whores are great

did you fuck your buddys wife? threesome or cheating? her feet suck tho

Pic of wife for reference

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Soo...he was behind of all that...

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do you have more?

Damn nice. I'd probably stick around after parent teacher conference to fuck her on her desk


More please

That's all you'll get

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what she gun get?

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Fuck yea!

Damn.... why you gotta be like that? I'd love to see more of her great body

What are you talking about?

She gets my dick in her mouth. Hope that answers your question.

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i think she gets summ else as well

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Fucking nice! Any more?

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id lift up er skirt and eat er arse

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HS teacher from Magnolia, Texas

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