Wanna see her in her panties?

Wanna see her in her panties?

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Sure, why not

Thoughts on her? Want more?

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Asshole now

Well of course we want more, and shes cute

Dubs for nudes

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I don't know why user wants moar, she can't even keep a clean home

I'd rather see her tits

Cuz I wouldn’t use her for cleaning I’d use her mouth for my cum

I like her. Seems exactly my type. Moar?

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If you don't have nudes, why should we care

What would u do to her?

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Meth kills.

no, only without pants.

consensual sex in the missionary position

look like man

Id rather see her in nothing

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disc t7AGZY

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz do you have nudes or not?

For her?

Blow your brains out.

She does seem like a nice dude

Don't bother getting your hopes up, 100% of discord links are scams.

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What a waste of time

Post her nudes