Hello Sup Forums would you fug my gf?

Hello Sup Forums would you fug my gf?
Will post more pics after replies

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She has some pretty good looking holes. Would love to sink my BBC in her ass.

Any of her spreading her cheeks?

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I would unload right in her asshole

Hey man u can roleplay as a nigger all u want :^]
Spread pics will b posted soon

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Most definitely would come in her tight little pussy while your at work


I work from home :^]

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Love her holes

Ah... Sorry to hear you're actually a nigger..

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Well then at the hotel she comes and meets me at. Like the last chick I met, turns out her husband was at home playing video games. xD

wish that picture wasn't blurry as fuck... would be a lot better if it was more clear. Such a great position!

I would nut in her butt. Would make her my anal queen. She'd learn to take my dick up her ass real quick. I'd be dumping load after load in that asshole!

Sorry man we play video games together :^] you have cool fantasies

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Don't be. Got a hot Filipino GF who loves big black cock.

I take great pride in my size. Especially with the way she worships it. Literally wouldn't want to be any other race.

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lol thats what she said.

his chick was a gamer too. apparently she was playing games of her own xD

Play with xbox or her box?

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Yes, a pic where she is fingering her butthole


Here ya go

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Ass and soles?

Would love to put my tongue right in there


Actually here u go just took these now for ya

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Fuck that looks so good. I would taste both holes

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She has my dick rock hard

Finger in her ass?

Shes not really into butt stuff right now

What a shame she is so sexy

Spread those legs...


Can we get a close up of her ass spread? I’m stroking for her


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Holy fuck that is so good. She is perfect

Just like that but with her soles

u sayin big cocc makes up for all the racism n shit

i'd choose white privilge over big cocc any day

She’s so thick I love it

Sorry lads she is tired and has class tomorrow. Would anyone be interested in a discord for her? (she would be in there as well, videos would be on there too)

Discord, vola, mega anything

Make a discord

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Not saying that makes up for it -- but it's certainly an upside.

All a matter of perspective. Racism's never bothered me all that much. I'm too proud of my heritage to let anyone make me feel bad for it. Idiots will be idiots. I say let your skin colour weed out the people who are too shallow to look past it, and see the human beneath it.

Then again, I've never had it affect my employment or anything more than just talk. Went down the self employment route in life, so it's kind of rare that I have to put up with people who are like that regularly.

Sounds like you've had a worse experience with it than I have. The way you feel is totally valid, and I respect that. Hang in there, man.

ok nigger

That dude is not op btw

oh man fertilize her?

Every time, she has birth control implant


yall need to ensure the future existance of white race, tho