Currently on meth making fire beats on FL Studio. What’s up

Currently on meth making fire beats on FL Studio. What’s up

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How the fuck do I compose a full piece wi the retarded pattern system? Am I supposed to input every phrase on every instrument as a single pattern and then put it all together?

I'm a composer who went through uni and know shitloads of harmony and theory but I can't into fucking production, it's just retarded

Use LMMS instead.

Post sample

But flstudio is the only workstation I've been able to get microtonal synths running on, give me tips on composing a full piece with instruments, I'll answer any questions you have in harmony modes jazz substitutions form or whatever

Currently on amphetamines horny posting til i go back to writing as well

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Honestly, you'd probably be better off with ProTools, as its more geared toward recording traditional instruments, as opposed to sequenced loops. Yes, Fruity Loops (and Logic, and Ableton, and most DAWs) are capable of tracking live instruments, but ProTools is where I'd start for rock, jazz, classical, etc. If I'm making techno, Logic/Ableton are my DAWs of choice, and I'll still track vocals thru ProTools and do my pre-mastering mixdown in ProTools.

I’ll post the SoundCloud link here when my bud and I are done. I’d rather spend my high doing something creative than playing vista games tbh

but I do suggest arming yourself with a midi keyboard. Its an invaluable tool no matter what DAW you're on, and after arming your track and recording your keyboard sequence, you can then quantize that recording (snap to 1/32 or 1/16), adjust velocity of each hit manually, and slap some "groove" on it, shuffling it slightly for a less robotic-sounding sequence.

I've worked with orchestras for years and I'm looking rather to replace live recording with vets, I intent to add the small performance details little by little like a painting

Live recording is complicated and shit and even top músicians won't get perfect intonation every time, so that's my issue, I would like to find a way of input more similar to scoring

Cmon man hit me with some harmony questions I'm 100%sure I could make the track you're working on right now better with some nice harmonies

How much does FL cost?
Do you know what's legal to sell as a song? like can you get anything from any movie or tv show and just change it a little bit and you can just sell that as a song?

my buddy used to do that shit. He made some sick shit. Then meth took him to jail for like 10 years for shit. I still have the fat tit pics I stole from his mom.

Yes you can but you probably wouldn't be able to, the fact that you don't know of these topics implies that there's dozens upon dozens of composers trying to make a living that will be way better skilled at making a jaws theme legal knockoff than you, including myself.

Someone help, I need tips on scoring in fl studi I'll give you harmony or counterpoint or waney ever theory lessons you want

I'm not trying to make it as a composer. I'm just trying to make sounds.

You asked if you could take pop music change it a bit and sell it, I answered your question. I repeat, your "sound making" capabilities will be nothing next to a composers ability to make a knockoff, not a good revenue source, I'm just being real before some you tuber convinces you you can make a living just with flstudio.

it's called sampling and that's the biggest no go in the industry.

if you do and have the samples not cleared you will be sued by let's say warner music or universal - things might get expensive

oh okay. thanks for clearing that up.

It actually depends on whats sampled and for what length, and whether or not the source material is plagiarized or altered to the point that its no longer illegal.

You can do that but I'd recommend against it. I usually write one "section" worth of one instrument in one pattern and place it in the playlist. Rinse/repeat with all instruments. Patterns are nice for electronic music because if you're repeating one section you can just place it and Ctrl+B over and over to duplicate. Then if you change it later that change is reflected in all instances.

that's given, for me - forgot to add that

>Do you know what's legal to sell as a song? like can you get anything from any movie or tv show and just change it a little bit and you can just sell that as a song?
Technically, you're not allowed to use a sample uncleared (and clearing a sample often requires the sacrifice of your firstborn). For the normal small bedroom producer's use, if your sample isn't egregious enough to be auto-detected by YouTube or Soundcloud, you should be fine. The more you alter it from the original form, the more likely you are to get away with its use. Of course if you can alter it so it's completely indistinguishable from the original, you're golden. A lot harder to do with vocals but it's situational.

that playlist looks retarded

It doesn't just look retarded, that's an 808 spread over 13 playlist tracks. It is retarded.

why not just use the piano roll then?
it's about the music not about the looks

Good question. I'm not OP so I really couldn't say.

But I've found when I alter a pattern on the timeline it alters itself on every instance of the pattern, meaning for small variations a whole new pattern is to be made, am I fucking something up?

Click on the icon at the top of one instance of a pattern in the playlist. Select "Make unique". Then changes made to that pattern won't affect the others

And when I link it y’all will roast the fuq out me

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>Using Fruity loops in 2019
>Not using reaper

Audio autism

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